Shiatsu by Amy, Exeter, Devon

The count down to the end of the school summer holidays is very much on. I have no spaces left this week but after next Tuesday things change, both my boys are at school & I’ll have spaces most days of the week.

Why would you come to me for Shiatsu? Every therapist has their own vibe & way of working. This is a great thing about Shiatsu, although we all practice Shiatsu, each practitioner has their own feel & style. I hope that I create a welcoming environment, where you will feel heard & held. I have held a number of roles in my working life, they have all had some element of coaching, training or listening, I bring this to my practice. I have a natural want to nurture & support, I learnt this about myself when I became a parent. I love the quiet, gentle work that is involved in Shiatsu. I also love a good physical treatment myself, releasing tension, from the neck & shoulders particularly, so this is the treatment I am also happy to give.

I am going to be at the St. Thomas Festival this Saturday, it’s a really lovely community event just a little way from where I live & practice. I’m going to be offering Shiatsu taster sessions for just £5. This is an opportunity to experience what sort of therapist I am. The tasters are given on a massage chair, so different to on a futon mat on the floor, as Shiatsu often is. It’s still plenty of time to get a feel for how I work. In previous years I have been booked up pretty quickly so you may want to come over early & book a slot.


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