Shiatsu and PMT, Exeter, Devon

I have suffered, pretty badly, in the past with my menstruation cycle. At one point I was struggling to work, mainly over my actual cycle but also at times over the build up period. It was no fun, I felt out of sorts and out of control for longer and longer amounts of time each month.

My relief came with Shiatsu. I began having the therapy more regularly than I had done, I then began my three year training course so got loads more then. The relief I felt, that I wasn’t at the mercy of my cycle, that I was more myself as I got near to my period was so great.

I haven’t looked back. I have months that are more difficult but I know a couple of Shiatsu sessions with ease the issues. I have various techniques that I use for self care that support me and allow me to manage my PMT, when it does appear.

I used to bleed very heavily for a long period of time. This has also eased, I have no pain and I start with ease and finish quite quickly. Interestingly I feel I have a new challenge on the horizon, I am in my 40’s and I believe I am beginning to be peri-menopausal. I am confident that Shiatsu will help support me through this transformational time, I have treated a number of peri-menopausal and menopausal women with good results.

I have to say I haven’t had it as bad as some women. Women affected heavily every month, who feel they are controlled by their PMT, who are restricted in their lives due to their cycle.

Shiatsu is a non-intrusive form of therapy. It looks to balance the body, to ease physical, mental or emotional tension and to support areas of weakness. It can support the body and mind with this natural cycle, allowing the rhythm to happen with more ease.

Shiatsu is safe and supportive and provides a space for a client to let go off the mental and emotional strain, to feel they are not going through their struggle on their own.

I always feel lucky to do the job I do. It’s an honor to facilitate and work alongside a client, to support their own health. It’s very special to supporting other women and to help them achieve the relief and release that I experienced.

Shiatsu, videos and over thinking – Exeter, Devon

I finally got together the confidence to film a video of myself talking Shiatsu. It’s ironic as I definitely over thought whether to make a video or not, and guess what it’s about – thinking too much!

So here is the video. I think it shows the shed, my practice space, in a good light, not so keen on seeing myself.

I do get a lot of clients who have tried to think themselves out of their situation, and found themselves caught up mentally.

Our society often puts a much stronger emphasis on analytical decisions than emotional or intuitive ones. So much attention in the head and mind can lead to tight shoulders, necks and headaches. Also causing mental abd emotional strain.

I love that Shiatsu brings the focus onto the body and how that is feeling first, the mind can come later.

So I hope you enjoyed my first ever video. I have began to over think the next one already – sorry I mean I am centered and calm about the next one!


The Shiatsu Shed, Exeter, Devon

I’m so lucky to have an amazing space to offer Shiatsu in.

The shed is great in any weather, cosy and nest like in the cold, light and bright in the sun. It is great to hear the wind blow and watch the trees bend and move through the windows.

Although in Exeter it’s pretty quiet our way and it is a joy to have nature so close whilst giving a treatment.

Check out this video that I took this morning.

I offer Shiatsu on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the shed, with evening appointments available.