Shiatsu in Exeter, Devon

After a great week camping I am recharged & back ready to give Shiatsu this week. I have spaces on Monday & Wednesday in Exwick, Exeter.

I am around this week & then we are off again! It’s always a bit like this in the school holidays, being the only times we can all have time off together.

I am then back offering Shiatsu in Exeter from the week beginning 22nd August & have a clinic in Exmouth on August 31st.

I am in Dawlish in September, just sorting dates. I have an event at the beginning of September & a clinic I. Exmouth too.

So if you need some rest & relaxation, some stretching & loosening, a bit of an energy boost this week then get in touch to book. Alternatively you could book for the end of August, so you know there is something to look forward to.


Shiatsu Holidays, Exeter, Devon

Woohoo holidays are here – seems like a long time coming but today the kids broke up from school & my husband & I finished work for a week’s holiday.

We are heading off camping, to a beautiful spot, with no mobile reception & no electricity. We love it, times slows down & life is pretty care-free.

So no Shiatsu for a week but I’m back week beginning Monday 30th, I have spaces on the Monday & the Wednesday that week.

We then have another holiday, I know super greedy! We are taking our boys on a plane for the first time & really excited.

After that I am properly back with events in early September & clinics in Dawlish & Exmouth, alongside my regular practice in Exwick, Exeter.

I’ll still be checking emails & taking calls when I can. If you have a query about whether Shiatsu maybe able to support you then do get in touch.

Shiatsu for the Whole Family, Exeter, Devon

Shiatsu is great for the whole family, meeting the client how they want to be met, treating each one as an individual & adapting to their needs.  It is a gentle & non-intrusive form of therapy.  It is always given through clothes which can put a lot of people at ease, particularly children. There is no undressing or awkward moments.

Shiatsu is an enjoyable, relaxing treatment to have, it may not always feel like a lot is happening but the results can be really good.  However it can also be great at getting into that tension, loosening those shoulders & giving the joints a good stretch.  Every session is different, even if it was the same client two days in a row. A Shiatsu practitioner reacts to what they feel as they move around the body & what is needed to support the client at that time.

Each member of a family is in a different place & has different needs, Shiatsu can meet these needs.  It is not only relaxing but energising, so can provide the whole household with more drive & motivation.  It can ease tension, both physical & mental, which can create an open atmosphere where discussion & expression can take place.

A good Shiatsu leave you feeling like you have been listened to, that you have been held for a moment, that you feel back in balance.  This can be so helpful when you are in a position of supporting others, mother, father, carer. It can be easier to nurture others when you have received a little nurture yourself.

There are many stresses & strains put on children these days that can take a toll. Generally Shiatsu has a good result on children, their energy flows quickly & they react very positively to the gentle Shiatsu re-balancing them. They can feel relief & release of symptoms often more quickly than adults, who may have more chronic conditions.

It is a real joy to watch a family be relaxed & open to each other, after they have all been treated. It is possible to arrange home visits to treat the whole family.  Individual members can also come to my practice in Exwick, Exeter if more suitable.  I also practice in Dawlish & Exmouth but I am not in a position to offer home visits in these areas.




Shiatsu in Exeter this week

So I am heading towards holiday season, I’ve taken some weeks off with the family. This week though the kids are still at school & I’m still offering Shiatsu in Exeter, Devon.

I have some spaces this week so thought it would be good to get them filled but to also offer £5 off any appointments booked before midday tomorrow.

I have appointments available on Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon & one in the evening on Wednesday. Any of these spaces can be booked for £5 off.

It has been a hot & full on Summer so far & this can take a toll on our core energy. I am noticing clients who are really pushing through to get things done. Treatments have been supportive & grounding this past week. Rebalancing the body to give a better flow of energy, raising the energy levels. Maybe this is you, it’s an hour well spent, having a Shiatsu to get you back in shape.

I’m acutely aware that a lot of people have their kids off school soon. Amazing to get to spend so much time together, but not much chance of a breather. So this week’s a great opportunity to get a supportive & relaxing Shiatsu in before it all starts.

Shiatsu is suitable for all & can help with physical issues, pain, emotional & mental concerns & distresses.

I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu so do get in touch through the’Contact Me’ page with any questions.

Have a good week


Too hot for Shiatsu? Never! Exeter, Devon

I was at the Newton St. Cyres Revels today. A lovely village event just outside of Exeter.

The man on the stall next to me said he phone was telling him it was 30 degrees. If didn’t put off lots of people attending the event & I ended up giving a lot of Shiatsus.

As is nearly always the case I didn’t manage to get anyone to take photos of me actually giving Shiatsu but I did take some photos of my set up looking good in the beautiful sunshine.

I treated a whole number of different people, most who hadn’t even heard of Shiatsu. There were a number of people who would struggle to afford a full Shiatsu so what a great to be able to give them support & nurture.

I’ve got another event coming up next weekend over in Dawlish. Watch this space for more details.


Shiatsu Today, Exeter, Devon

What a day today. First it poured down.

Myself & my colleague sat in the gazebo watching & wondering if it would ever stop. It normally rains quite a bit in Devon but it has been very dry for a long time, we took some pleasure that the plants were being fed.

Then almost suddenly the sun came out & we were in business.

We ended up giving quite a few shiatsu tasters. We were giving 30 minute tasters which isn’t far off the length of a full session. This meant we could really support & nurture the clients, & get into their tension & releasing a fair amount of it.

A good day in the end 😁