Pay for Shiatsu with the Exeter pound

Very excited about the Exeter pound happening soon…available from September 1st this year!  

Would you be interested in paying for a Shiatsu with the Exeter pound? I am registering so this will be a possibility soon.  

If you are interested in more information about the Exeter pound then go to

If you are interested in a Shiatsu then please contact me on my contact me page.

Summertime & the Shiatsu is easy!!

Wow when it’s this hot there isn’t much that is easy! Unless you are lucky enough to be lounging by a pool with nothing important to do!! Even the simplest chores result in thoroughly unpleasant sweatiness & prickly skin! The summertime, when there is so much daytime & light every day, is when we can do lots of things, go to lots of places, socialise with friends & use lots of energy.  The weather, well maybe not when this hot, just makes you want to get out & make the most of each day.

However it is only possible to exert ourselves this much when we have had enough rest, quiet & peace in the colder, darker months.  If we haven’t had this rest our bodies don’t always have the resources to do everything we would like to do in the summer.

Shiatsu can help restore the energies we are using up in our daily lives, it can give a sense of motivation & direction & invigorate the client.  It is great for giving a feeling of ‘rightness’ which allows us to just get on & enjoy ourselves, work towards what we want to achieve & make the most of this amazing time of year! So if you feel like you don’t have the resources to enjoy the Summer as much as you would like, or you find that your energy goes very quickly, you may want to try a Shiatsu session with me.

My Shiatsu practice is in Exwick, on the north west edge of Exeter, in Devon. At present I am not working the Exeter City centre as well but hope that I will find the right place soon & start working in the centre of Exeter too.  All my contact details are on the contact me page & im happy to discuss any questions, just call or email.