Shiatsu this Autumn, Exeter, Devon

After a particularly strong, clear, focussed Fire energy this Summer we are now moving towards the late Summer early Autumn time, govern by the Earth energy. This is the time of year for ripeness, for harvesting sweet fruit & squash.

When in balance the Earth energy is pure nurture, it’s kindness to oneself & to others. It is eating healthily without craving. A joy of studying & taking on new ideas.

When out of balance the Earth energy can be self loathing, feeling insecure of one’s image, being overly attached to helping others, a lack or excess of appetite, an inability to take on the new, unclear thoughts, a tired mind & heavy limbs.

The time of year highlights if there is an imbalance in someone’s Earth energy. If you are feeling unmotivated, low minded or heavy in your body you may have an Earth imbalance.

There are things that we can do to support ourselves at this time of year.

  • Eat seasonally – naturally sweet fruit & vegetables feed our Earth energy
  • Cook slow – slowly cooked stews & naturally sweetened deserts are perfect for nurturing oneself
  • Take time out – get some ‘me-time’ – even if it is just an hour here or there.
  • Gentle walking or movement every day – to support the body’s circulation
  • Walk barefoot outside – even just for 5 minutes a day – get grounded & feel supported by the earth

And get some nurturing & supportive Shiatsu. Get the body’s energy moving gentle & smoothly around the body, the mind & emotions will follow. Allow yourself to stop & have someone else care for you, giving your body time to adjust to a new seasonal energy, to be able enjoy the abundance & harvest of this time of year.

I personally have an Earth imbalance. Being a mother & therapist I often hold a role of support, I am acutely aware of the affect this time of year has on my energy. As I write this I am convincing myself I must take my own advice, & I will. Very soon the new school year starts & I look forward to having a little time to support & nurture myself before getting stuck into a Autumn full of Shiatsu treatments.

Happy Earth energy to you all.


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