How important is Self Care? Can Shiatsu Help? Exeter, Devon

‘Self Care’ is a real buzz term at the moment and I am pleased that it is. Whatever self care means to you it has to be important to take care of your own needs, right?

As a mum of two rather boisterous boys, who keep my husband and I on our toes all day, I understand the impact on my body and mind of a busy life. As a single person I had the time to give myself attention and care for my needs. Now when I have less time it’s even more vital to care for myself.

I constantly meet clients who have busy lives with others around them, that they care for. These clients have realised that the cannot care for others if they have no energy and resource left. They have come to have Shiatsu to get some support and care and attention.

Often these clients are in the process of building a structure of self care and want Shiatsu to be part of it. They have felt guilt and come up against practical limitations but have understood they do need time, space and care for themselves

Understandably I use Shiatsu as my support system. It is naturally caring and nurturing. It works on the system of Meridians (lines of energy) the Acupuncture uses. With Shiatsu I can boost my levels of energy, I can calm my thoughts, I can exercise my body to suit the day, time and my mood.

Because Shiatsu is so great as a support tool I have created a Self Care Shiatsu Course. In this course I introduce the principles of Shiatsu, show simple exercises to support one’s self care and techniques that can be used on friends and family.

The next Self Care course is this Sunday. I hold it in my wooden cabin, fondly known as the ‘Shiatsu Shed.’ I limit numbers so that the support and guidance is at a real high level. I also tailor the course to the needs of the specific participants. I ask for areas they would like to focus on and adapt the course accordingly.

Details of the course can be found here

Self Care Shiatsu – Exeter, Devon

Shiatsu is a nurturing and supportive form of therapy. It is a relaxing and enjoyable form of hands-on therapy, a form of massage through clothes. Shiatsu is also great for providing a structure of support for oneself.

In my Shiatsu treatments I nearly always provide recommendations to he client. These maybe around diet or lifestyle and can help the client support themselves between treatments.

I use Shiatsu to support myself and my family. It can be great to calm and ease distress for the kids. It also provides a structure for me to care for myself.

I have designed a course that introduces the principles of Shiatsu, so it can be use on oneself and on one’s friends and family. The course also introduces concepts within Shiatsu that can allow a great self care routine to happen.

If we don’t care for ourselves how do we care for those around us. If we actively take time to experience how we are and where we are we can gain perspective on our situation. With mindful care of ourselves come changes and personal growth. This benefits us but also those around us.

The next Shiatsu Self Care course is on Sunday 26th January. Details of the course can be found here

Supportive Shiatsu for a positive 2020

There is always a focus in early January to push the new year, new you drive. It seems a funny time of year to start crazy exercising regimes and crash diets.

Over indulging at Christmas is a strong motivation but deep winter is a time for quiet and rest. With deep winter reflection and meditation comes the energy to push through new growth in the Spring and blossom in the Summer.

Setting resolutions of what we leave behind in the old year and what we look to achieve in the new is really positive right now. Spring is the time to flesh out and explore the details of our plans. Right now is about just sitting with our thoughts and letting them quietly germinate in the soil.

Shiatsu can help keep you get in touch with the seasons and find your own rhythm. With rhythm comes fluidity, of mind and body. Easing of physical symptoms and lightness of thoughts and emotions.

The treatments are intuitive and tailored to the client’s exact needs, whatever they may be. This means you can just relax and know what you need is what you’re going to get. This deep relaxation can generate better energy levels, better sleep patterns and a calmer mind.

Shiatsu can help you connect with what is important to you. It can provide drive and focus to allow resolutions to be followed through and plans to come to fruition.

Shiatsu, in my experience, is beneficial for pain in general. It’s helped clients with joint pain and back pain, digestive and menstrual pain. I have helped clients to gain more mobility and flexibility in their joints, knees, necks, hips.

Shiatsu can help support the physical body and can also help ease mental and emotion strain. Living with physical complaints can affect the mental and emotional balance quite heavily.

So for 2020 how about some space for quiet reflection, regaining one’s balance and taking control of one physical and emotional wellbeing. Bring on the Shiatsu.

Getting started is easy, book in an initial session! We can discuss general health and wellbeing and you get 45 minutes of peaceful and relaxing hands on treatment. At the end I’ll give you an idea of how many sessions, and how regularly, you may need to begin to see a difference.

You can email me at or call me or 07791 070837.

If this is the year to make some changes but you’re not sure how then try a Shiatsu.


Shiatsu for Christmas?

Not long now until Christmas is upon us.

I love this time of year, the mid winter celebration makes me feel connected to the season as well as warm and fuzzy.

A few days ago we took the time, as a family, to head out to the woods in search of holly and ivy. We came back after a blustery and cheek warming walk with fir branches and berry-festooned holly.

I love bringing these natural decorations into the house, along with the real Christmas tree we lovingly care for throughout the year. It is another way to connect to the season.

I do have some time off from Shiatsu and will be back from the 6th January. In the meanwhile here’s some tips to boost your energy for the festivities:

1. Drink fresh ginger tea – warms the kidneys – they help everything else work

2. Take some time out for meditation and reflection – quiet rest is the way to go at this time of year

3. Wear a scarf! Chills in the neck will result in sore necks and shoulders but also will zap the body of vital resource

See you in the new year xx

Shiatsu for Christmas? Exeter, Devon

Gift vouchers available in any denomination so you don’t have to ask for/ but a whole session – although of course you can!

Right now still plenty of time to post out the vouchers but they can also be emailed if preferred.

Get in touch at or call 07791 070837.

What a way to get treated or treat someone for Christmas – a supportive, relaxing, and possibly transformational, present.

Shiatsu in the Autum Time, Exeter, Devon

Autumn is truly upon us. Here in Exeter the South West weather is in full motion. It’s wet and windy and we and building for a wild storm tomorrow.

To me Autumn is a special time of the year, where we can begin to slow down after the social excitement of the Summer months. The colours seem to fill the soul with a warmth and cosy joy. The craving for stews and slow cooked foods begins.

Shiatsu treatments in Autumn are about warmth and flow but also about the connection to the Earth. Often they are treatments with a certain amount of work focused on grounding the client. Shiatsu can help us understand what we want to let go off. Like the trees and plants dropping their leaves and fruits. It can also helps us understand what is important to us and what we want to hold onto.

I am back to Shiatsu on Monday and looking forward to a week full of supportive and nurturing treatments. I am pretty full this week but have

spaces for the week after.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe in the storm.


Personal Care Shiatsu Course, Exeter, Devon

Excited to offering a course focussing on how Shiatsu can support you and those around you.

It is important to look after our own health and Shiatsu has some great tricks and tips to help do this.

It is a lovely thing to receive but it is also a very enjoyable thing to give. This course will give you a good basic idea of how to give Shiatsu to your friends and family.

The course is only for a few participants so there is plenty of time for everyone to get lots of hands on work.

Details of the course can be found here