Client Recommendations

” I cannot recommend Amy and her Shiatsu enough!
I saw Amy towards the end of my pregnancy, and following a difficult birth resulting in PTSD and sepsis, I am so grateful for the treatments, emotional support, love, kindness and space held by Amy, to aid my recovery. At times I was completely hopeless and emotional wreck, feeling lost in my body and emotionally. Shiatsu has a wonderful ability to reconnect one to their body, which is so important following pregnancy, and well any illness and pain, as I’m sure many can relate to ignoring and masking their pain rather than sitting with it. This can be a scary and lonely experience for anyone, but I deeply trust Amy and her expertise, and have had the most powerful transformation. I now feel empowered, and full of vitality. My body is my own again. I am forever grateful to have met such a wonderful gifted lady. Many thanks” Bex – Sept 2019

“Amy is a fantastic shiatsu practitioner. She has been treating my back for over a year now. After trying painkillers, physios and chiropractors, shiatsu is the only treatment that I have found that has a lasting effect on my pain. I highly recommend Amy.” Glyn – Sept 2019

“Amy has worked wonders for me. I have been suffering from lower back pain for a few years. Just one treatment has had a very good effect. The muscles are more relaxed and I am feeling much less pain. I recommend Amy 100%! I feel Amy really understands what’s going on in my back! And I need treatment that works the muscles in the shiatsu way.” Julie – July 2019

“I feel immediately relaxed with Amy, and she worked intuitively to help unblock me, and I can’t wait for our next session!” Rachel – February 2019

“My treatment with Amy was truly fantastic. I felt afterwards that my mental and emotional bodies were more at peace and this helped me feel relaxed and grounded in my own energies, identity and body. Amy was a true professional, moving with strength and kindness alike, her wisdom in holding me and the space allowed me the peace I needed to reorganise and integrate myself. Highly recommended and very supportive of other traditional and alternative therapies – especially if your spiritual practice needs a little more stability in your physical form. Top notch.” Oliver – January 2019 😀