Photos of Shiatsu

The beautiful, natural, Shiatsu Shed – a calm, warm treatment space
Lumbar support work – for back ache and boosting vital energy
Working the occipital ridge with client in side position- to alleviate tension in the head.
Working the head and neck – with client in the seated position – to ease neck pain and tension
My Exwick practice space ready for a Shiatsu
Shiatsu work on the back
Shiatsu in the side position
Shiatsu on the front, with support for knees and backs
Lower back and hip stretches
Side position Shiatsu with support
Neck work
Arm work
Front leg stretch
Sacrum work
Work space set up for Shiatsu couch work

Shiatsu at Exeter Respect Festival 2017:

Shiatsu at North Devon Mind, Body, Soul Festival 2017: