Shiatsu Therapy, Exeter, Devon

So what is Shiatsu? How does if work?

A client once said ‘It’s not like any massage I’ve ever had.’ It does use massage techniques but is always given through clothes. It is also given on a futon mat on the floor, although can be given on a couch or chair.

Although it isn’t a talking therapy, psycho-therapy or counselling it can release held emotions, traumas, stresses and strains from the body.

Shiatsu is body-work, most definitely and although it comes at things from a different angle to physiotherapy or sports massage, it can still help ease pain and increase mobility.

Shiatsu is energy work. Although it is different to Reiki and other forms of healing it can still help build the levels of energy in the body. Shiatsu can help with the balance of mind and body and spirit.It is an unique form of hands-on therapy that can provide balance in the body. Whether the clients concerns are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or a bit of all of them, Shiatsu has the ability to re-balance the energy and ease the symptoms. It can be good for aches and pains, for stress and anxiety, for sleep and relaxation.

It is a pretty physical form on therapy, with some great stretches and rotations. Obviously it is only as physical as appropriate for each client. It is a little like Thai or Yoga massage but looks to work the Meridians, lines of energy, that Acupuncture and Acupressure use.

Maybe you have tried various forms of massage and other therapies, Acupuncture, Reflexology for instance. If what you have tried hasn’t scratched your itch, as it were, then you may want to try a session on Shiatsu with me.

I am interested in providing a space for my clients that is safe – where they can feel and express in anyway they want to. Clients have their own stories and journeys and generally want to move on, away from physical issues or leaving behind past habits or upsets. I look to support them to do this by bringing their attention to their bodies, where and how is the body holding trauma and what touch provides relief or release.

I work in Exwick, in Exeter, just behind Exeter St. David’s train station. I offer appointments on most days of the week and I have evening appointments available.

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Shiatsu for Mum’s, Exeter, Devon

I have recently worked with a couple of mums who have really benefited from their sessions of Shiatsu with me.

Both women are just into their 30’s and have at least 3 children each.  They have both just had another child and were really feeling the strain of their expanded family.

Both women are incredibly independent and  the type of person people will come to for support and nurture. This was adding extra strain to their lives.

Both were finding their bodies weren’t recovering from the birth of their child as quickly as they had hoped.  They had physical pain in the pelvis and lower back.  Both had began their menstrual cycle quickly after the birth and this was causing mental distress and physical pain.

They were also carrying a large amount of physical tension in their upper back, shoulders and neck, from busy lives, physical jobs, carrying babies and children.

The shock for them was that they weren’t able to push through like they had previously been able to.  This affected them both physically and mentally.  It also brought up emotionally distress, both present and historical.

Gentle and supportive Shiatsu gave them the space to relax and rest. Just lying on the futon mat on the floor, on which Shiatsu is given, was a relief for them.

Shiatsu helped their bodies re-balance after giving birth.  Their physical and mental symptoms began to ease.

The Shiatsu strengthen the weaker areas; pelvis, lower back and eased the areas of tension; shoulders, neck.

They expressed that they felt more themselves and that they could go with the flow more easily.

They had better energy levels and were able to manage the full-on physicality of their busy lives.

They came weekly and began to see big changes after two Shiatsu sessions. When working with anyone who is under strain I like to work weekly if at all possible. I would then hope to extend the space between sessions until the client is only coming two or three times a year for on-going support.

A session of Shiatsu is an hour long with 45 minutes of hands-on work.  The rest of the hour is used for a short consultation at the beginning and time at the end to ‘wake up’ from the Shiatsu. I charge £40 a session but cost can always be discussed.

I work in a really love space in Exwick, Exeter.  We have a wooden cabin in the garden, it is solid wood and provides a clean and natural environment to enjoy this unique therapy.

I offer Shiatsu appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  I have evening appointments available.  As well as Exeter I have pop-up clinics in Dawlish and Exmouth. Watch out for dates for these two places.

I have loads of photos of Shiatsu here and these are a great way to get an idea of what a treatment involves.

If you wanted to know more about Shiatsu have a look on the pages on this site or head to the Shiatsu Society website for their info.

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Shiatsu Tasters in Exeter This Week

I’m going to be at this new event in Exeter, on Sunday.

I’m going to be offering Shiatsu tasters. Although the tasters will be on a massage chair, rather than on a futon mat as I usual practice, they will give a good idea of how Shiatsu maybe able to help you.

If you’re holding lots of tension then come try it out.

If you are stressed come try it out.

If your energy is super low come try it out.

If you are in pain come try it out.

Shiatsu is suitable for all – it’s deeply relaxing – if nothing else it’s a bit of time out.

Details of the event can be found here

Hope to see some of you there


Shiatsu Open Day, Exeter, Devon

I am holding an open day next Friday, 18th January, at my treatment space in Exwick Exeter. Taster sessions are available for just £10.

This is a great opportunity to try out this incredible hands-on therapy. It’s also a good opportunity to get some therapy for such an affordable cost, January is such a tight month for lots of us.

The sessions are half an hour, which is plenty of time to get an idea of what Shiatsu is like.

Details of the event can be found here.

Any questions do get in touch. My mobile mobile is 07791 070837 and my email is

Shiatsu in Exeter, Devon

Are you looking for something new to support your own healing, personal development and self care? Shiatsu may be the therapy you are looking for.

Shiatsu is a satifying hands-on treatment, that really gets into tension and stress in the body. It is great for loosening up shoulders and necks. It is also deeply relaxing.

Shiatsu also strengthens and supports weaknesses in the body. It can ease pain and help injuries heal well.

As we go through our lives are stresses and strains are taken on and held in by our bodies. Shiatsu can identify and release the emotional tensions and concerns we are holding. It can allow us to drop old habits and upsets. It can provide focus and determination, to help us acheive our goals.

Shiatsu is a supportive and nurtuting treatment that is tailored to each client and what they need. It can help support personal progress and development, along with easing physical and emotional symptoms.

I work in Exwick, Exeter every week. I also have occasional clinics in Dawlish and Exmouth.

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For more information on Shiatsu you may like to visit the Shiatsu Society website.


Happy New Year

2019 is upon us and I hope it has started well for you all.

Let’s hope this year is a year full of happy times, lots of contentment, a bit of challenge and of course plenty of Shiatsu!

I’m back offering Shiatsu in Exeter. I am full this week but have spaces next week, both in the daytime and also some evening spaces.

I am back in Dawlish on Friday 18th and in Exmouth on Friday 25th.

Shiatsu is great for supporting personal drive and motivation. It can be the perfect support for this time of year.

Shiatsu is also good for building up the body’s energy and warming the kidneys, which will warm the rest.

Shiatsu can also help ease aches and pains, provide deep relaxation and healthy sleep patterns. It is deeply relaxing and can help with stress and anxiety.

So maybe Shiatsu is the way to kick your year off, to get started as you mean to go on. It is serious self care, some quality support and space from normal life.

Do get in touch if you’d like to book. My mobile is 07791 070837, my email is