Shiatsu Event – June – Exeter, Devon

The year is whizzing by & before we know it, it will be June already. My colleagues & myself will be giving Shiatsu massage tasters at Exeter Respect Festival again. We are going to be in the healing area this year, which is a little away from the noisy main stage & community stalls. The tasters will be 30 minutes long, so not much less than a full treatment. 

You can find more about the festival here

It’s a free festival with so much going on & an amazing message behind it. It’s such a happy day & represents Exeter so well. Shiatsu massage fits in perfectly & is a great break from all the dancing, stall-wandering, chatting & fun

Shiatsu for well-being – Exeter, Devon

I have lots of clients who have come for a particular complaint, they’ve had an accident or sustained an injury for instance. Shiatsu can be great at relieving symptoms such as pain or discomfort. 

I also have clients come for Shiatsu massage for their well-being. They are really good at looking after themselves, they have a healthy lifestyle, they exercise & eat well. They often practice yoga or qigong or meditate. They are looking for some outside support, they can do a certain amount themselves but they know when they need a little extra outside support.

Shiatsu is great for an energy boost. It works to re-balance the energy in the body, this re-invigorates & re-energizes the client. Shiatsu massage can give a sense of flow & fluidity in the body, things that felt difficult to acheive before a massage can happen with ease afterwards. 

A Shiatsu is a relaxing experience. It is time out, a chance to just lie & rest. Shiatsu is enjoyable, it is gentle but can be strong when a client suits it.  It can release shoulder & neck tension.  It can make the body feel stretched & loose. It reminds the body of how it should feel! There is at least 40-45 minutes hands-on massage in a treatment so plenty of time to breathe, rest & just be.

I work in a quiet treatment room in Exwick, Exeter. It’s easy to get to me by car, bus or train. I work Wednesday’s & Saturday mornings. I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu so any questions get in touch, through the ‘contact me’ page.

Shiatsu for Pregnancy – Exeter, Devon

Pregnancy is such a special time for a woman, it’s magical as the body does the most indredible things. Pregnant ladies get told they are ‘blooming’ & they do often look so well. There are times in most pregancy when it is difficult. Tiredness is a big issue, especially at the beginning. Most people are aware of morning sickness but nausea or sickness can be all day, & night, & sometimes for the whole pregnancy.

A woman’s body generally knows what it’s doing & often when giving a Shiatsu it is just supporting what the body is doing. Sometimes the body needs more help. Sickness can be eased & tiredness can be limited with Shiatsu massage.

Sometimes the body struggles physically & needs help with flow of blood & fluids, to ease swollen ankles for examples. The pelvis takes a lot of weight as the pregnancy goes on, it is pressed down & the small joints in the pelvic area begin to ache or hurt. Shiatsu can be really helpful for relieving pain & supporting the pelvis so that it can withstand the weight.  The body can be affected in many ways as so much space is taken up by baby, reflux & heartburn can also be eased with Shiatsu massage.

Shiatsu massage can also be used to jump start labour. Induction treatments can be arranged when full term has been reached. Shiatsu can also be used to turn the baby if they are in a difficult position for birth. In labour Shiatsu can be helpful with a lot of things, exhaustion, pain, quickening the Labour. 

For pregnant women Shiatsu can take place at any time. Some women chose to wait until 12 weeks before they have Shiatsu massage. Generally I give Shiatsu at my practice in Exwick, Exeter but home visits can arranged for later pregnancy. 

Shiatsu Musings – Exeter, Devon

So I have struggled to get to this blog over the last week. I was busy giving lots of Shiatsu at the weekend. One of the principles of Shiatsu massage is to be effortless, to not work at giving the treatment. However doing numerous massages over two days made this difficult & I was tired afterwards.  

Then I returned back to Exeter to my children, this was the first time I had been away from them over night. My eldest took it in his stride but my youngest struggled & for a couple of days he really made me know that he had missed me! Following that he has now got ill & I was up all night with him, with earache.

In amongst this I have managed to update my Shiatsu accounts, ready to do the dreaded tax return. I have arranged a couple of new Shiatsu opportunities & have seen new clients. I do enjoy working for myself & mixing my work & home life so closely but it has meant I’m not left with much energy at the end of the day. 

I have been doing Do-In every morning, waking each of the meridians, lines of energy, that Shiatsu works on in the massage. Taking time to wake up my joints & limbs, focussing on each part of my body.  Rubbing & gentle hitting the meridian lines. Stretching & rotating my joints. This has helped re-build my energy after the busy weekend. 

I have used Shiatsu to support my own digestion. I have had issues with this in the past & generally I am ok now. I ate different things at different times this weekend & this has left me in some discomfort. Shiatsu can be really good for digestive issues, for reflux or heart-burn, for IBS or constipation. I have worked specific points, or Tsubos, & have relieved the symptoms I had. 

So a busy Shiatsu week down here is sunny but freezing cold Exeter, Devon.  Even when I’m busy I still have time to chat Shiatsu so if you would liek to know if Shiatsu may help support you then do get in touch. you can do this thriugh the ‘contact me’ page. You can also check out & like my Facebook page for offers & events. You can also head to the Shiatsu Society website for information on Shiatsu massage. 


Shiatsu for Stress – Exeter, Devon 

Because Shiatsu is a gentle but powerful form of massage it can be really helpful in supporting people suffering with stress & stress related conditions. I have had clients come for Shiatsu massage because something has happend at work that has completely knocked them. Clients have come because they are suffering from stress due to a relationship they are in, or a pattern of relationships. They have come for Shiatsu because their relationship is breaking down or has broken down.  

Shiatsu treatments start with a consultation in which the client can voice their reasons for coming & the concerns they are feeling in their life.  This is a safe & confidential space, as is the whole treatment, & the client may already begin to feel a sense of ease & relief. Some clients chose to say little in the consultation & this is completely fine. 

Shiatsu touch is safe & supportive. It can put the body at ease & the mind will follow. Shiatsu massage gives space to the client to feel how they really are, whilst being held.  Our bodies hold our emotions & stresses, so physical touch can find those places of tension & strain & help to release & relieve them. Sometimes there is a release of emotion at this point & the client may cry or laugh or breathe deeply in then out. 

After a treatment clients have noted their sense of relaxation & relief. They have also noted where their stress being held & some recommendations can be given on exercises or lifestyle changes that may help keep the area loose. Clients have also mentioned that Shiatsu has given them a sense of ease or a sense of flow. Things happen for them more easily, rather than pushing to acheive things. 

It is possible to see a noticeable change to stress levels after just one Shiatsu massage. Often it takes 2 or 3 sessions to see more of a change. Clients have felt a sense of relief from their stress after treatments, but only for a period of time. After each Shiatsu treatment the sense of relief is longer. It is desirable to have the sessions as close to each other as possible, weekly or fortnightly. As the course of Shiatsu treatments goes on the sessions can spread to further apart. 

If you are suffering from stress than do feel free to get in tiuch through the ‘contact me’ page. A Shiatsu treatment costs £30 or £35 depending on what you feel you can afford. The sessions are one hour long. 

Daily Shiatsu – Exeter, Devon

I use Shiatsu a lot, on a daily basis, in our family life. Today I have used it for tiredness, patience (2 small children) & for a blocked nose. 

I so enjoyed giving Shiatsu massage over the weekend, & having a break from my mothering duties, I left my sons at home with their dad. Taking a break also meant that I have perspective on daily rhythms & interactions & I’m keen to hold that perspective for as long as possible.  I managed to find two minutes to do some Shaitsu related exercise this morning, to help with my own tiredness after a busy weekend. I continued through the day to keep my energy flowing, & therefore my patience with my kids. I did this using stretches, breathing techniques & lying for 2 minutes at a time to focus on my own body. 

My husband has been working hard & I noticed through visual diagnosis, the first form of diagnosis used when you meet a Shiatsu client, that his meridians eelating to tiredness were low in one area. Whikst he as making a cup of tea & did a small amount of Shiatsu massage & he mentioned later that he felt lighter afterwards. 

Then this evening my youngest seems to have caught a cold & was distressed at bedtime as he couldn’t breathe. I held a pressure point for blocked noses & sinus issues & he relaxed & feel asleep quickly. Children are generally very responsive to Shiatsu & the results can be super quick. 

I love giving Shiatsu massage treatments to clients in my quiet practice room in Exwick, Exeter. Giving them the space to relax & re-invigorate. Space to express concerns & then feel how that is in their body, to release that tension. It is great to see the relaxation & relief in people’s faces & bodies after a Shiatsu & to hear they got relief from the condition or concern they came with. However, it is also great to have Shiatsu for my daily life to support & help my family & myself.

I am able to teach Shiatsu to people, to use on themselves & their friends & family. I hope to set up a course in Exeter to teach this so if this is something you maybe interested in please get in touch. I am always happy to talk Shiatsu so if you have pain or physical difficulties, stress or other emotional issues then get in touch to see if Shiatsu may be able to help.  

Shiatsu all weekend long!

I’ve just enjoyed a really happy & satisfying weekend giving Shiatsu treatments at the North Devon Mind Body Soul festival. The event is much bigger than you might imagine with over 60 exhibitors & a great mix of services on offer. It was a really friendly atmosphere, with lots of chat, laughter & networking. 

For me the amount of Shiatsu massages I gave was perfect, not too many & not too few. It was a great mix of clients & I felt  a strong sense of connection with them all. I already signed up to attend next year I enjoyed it so much!


Shiatsu Massage for back pain – Exeter, Devon

One of the main reasons that people seek out Shiatsu is that they have back pain. It can have been caused by any number of reasons, accidents or injuries in the past, physical work, excess driving or sitting. Whatever the reason in can be painful & debilitating. 

Shiatsu, I have found, can be very successful with supporting & relieving back pain. It can be given with the client in a variety of positions, depending on the clients flexibility. Sometimes back pain can make it difficult to lie down, Shiatsu can be given in a seated position. If it is possible to lie down then the client can lie on their side, front or back & the back can be worked on in any of these positions. 

Shiatsu can feel satisfying when it is given, there can be a ‘that’s the spot’ moment & this is often the case with back pain. It is possible to support back issues at home, with stretches, heat & cold packs for instance, it is not always as satisfying as it could be. A Shiatsu massage can really get in there, release tension & support weakness. 

I have been able to help clients with various back issues, in all areas of the back. Commonly the lumbar region is the area affected, but clients have also had pain in the middle & top regions, often shoulders & neck have been affected too.  In most cases it has taken a few treatments to see a real change in the condition but often some relief has been seen after just one treatment.  

If you want to discuss if Shiatsu may help you then do get in touch, through the ‘contact me’ page.