Busy Shiatsu day, Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

I’ve had a great day today giving Shiatsu massage in Dawlish & Exeter. I gave taster sessions in Dawlish then drove back to do the school run then give Shiatsu to some lovely regular clients. It’s been a busy day but Shiatsu massage is invigorating for me as well as the clients, so it has left me feeling really chuffed & happy.

I’m back in Dawlish in a fortnight & only have one full space or two taster sessions left. If you would like to book in then give me a ring – 07791 070837

 I have one space in Exeter this Saturday & one on Wednesday – again call if you are interested. 

Sessions are an hour long. I charge £35 in Exeter & £40 in Dawlish. There’s loads of info on Shiatsu on the other pages on this site or you can have a look at the Shiatsu Society website for more information.

Shiatsu event, 15th July, Exeter, Devon 

Not long now until my colleague & I will be giving Shiatsu tasters at the Exeter Lions Club Centenial Gala Day. The event is in Priory Park, Mount Pleasant, Exeter. It look like it is going to be a great community event with lots of stalls & things to do. We will be giving Shiatsu tasters for just £5 or £10. 

As I get more information on this event I will post it up, in the meantime get the date in your diary. Shiatsu is suitable for everyone & if you’ve never had it before this is a great way to try it out. 

Shiatsu Shed in Progress, Exeter, Devon

After a long wait the shed for our garden, that I hope to practice Shiatsu in, arrived today on the back of a rather large lorry.

We know it was going to big, it’s going to take up a lot of our garden but will be another large room for us. 

It’s very exciting, & a dream come true, to be able to practice Shiatsu in a beautiful wooden cabin in the garden. The wood is beautiful & I can’t wait for Friday when the shed is going up!

As soon as I am able to practice Shiatsu in there of course I’ll be straight onto writing a blog to let everyone know. Wish us luck for the slightly chaotic week we face & see you on the other side!

Shiatsu for sleep, Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

Shiatsu is a form of massage, a hands-on therapy. It can be helpful for a lot of different issues & conditions & it can really help support people who have a struggle or issues with sleep. 

Shiatsu massage is a relaxing & satisfying treatment that can give a sense of deep rest & relief whilst it is given. It is space away from every day life, a chance to lie down, breathe & be still. Along with being relaxing Shiatsu can be quite a rigorous form of hands-on therapy, when appropriate. The body is moved, stretched & joints are rotated. This can give a sense of space in the body, it can feel like the body is back to the size it should be, instead of compacted from holding the stresses & strains of daily life.

Lack of sleep can affect every part of someone’s life, the body holds whatever tension is felt emotional or mentally. The aim of Shiatsu is to balance the body & this can ease tensions, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. This relief can allow clients to sleep with more ease, whether it be getting to sleep, staying asleep or having restful & re-energising sleep.  

Have a look on the other pages on this site for more information about Shiatsu massage. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss, details on the ‘contact me’ page.

Shiatsu for well-being, Exeter & Dawlish, Devon 

Shiatsu is a form of hands-on therapy which is relaxing & enjoyable to receive. It can help balance the body, relieving tension & aches & pains. Shiatsu can also help with emotional & mental issues or concerns. 

I have a number of clients who come for Shiatsu massage because they appreciate the support it gives them in keeping themselves well, healthy & happy. A common comment I get is that it is nice to be stretched by someone else. Clients may practice yoga or other forms of daily exercise, but it is more satisfying for someone else to stretch your shoulders or rotate your hips. The stretching helps to release tension & pain & allows the body to feel spacious & more flexible. Clients also comment that they have more focus & direction after their Shiatsu treatments. They find they acheive things with more ease, they over-think or worry less. Their emotions feel more balanced 

& their bodies more relaxed.

I work in Exeter & Dawlish, at the moment just on Wednesdays & Saturdays. Feel free to call me on 07791 070837 or e-mail me thriugh the ‘contact me’ page. 

Shiatsu Massage, Dawlish, Devon 

As well as still offering Shiastu in Exeter I am now also offering it at a lovely centre called Changes Now in Dawlish. I am offering Shiatsu taster sessions this Wednesday (28th June.)  I still have a couple of spaces left at midday & 12.30pm. You can contact me on 07791 070837 or the centre through their website.    

You can have a look at the pages on this site for more information about Shiatsu or you may like to like my Facebook page to be kept informed of offers & events. 

Happy Shiatsu Solstice, Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

What an amazing Solstice day today. At least here in Devon we had clear blue skies & heady temperatures. I won’t deny that I am hoping the forecast for tomorrow, do it to cool a little, is actually the case. For a Summer Solstice the weather has felt quite fitting, for me.

It’s been hard giving Shiatsu in this heat, windows open, doors ajar & still pretty sweaty work. I did feel the Shiatsu I gave today was really positive & the energy seemed to flow well. The clients seem to enjoy the heat, whilst I worked on them, so maybe this was a real boost in some ways. 

I did also manage to find time to get to a favourite river spot for a bit of swimming. I went with my husband &, rarely, no children. It felt pretty fortuitous, to re-connect with my husband. Small children means we don’t see much of each other without them & when we do we are tired! So amongst work I felt a little but of Solstice magic may have been at work.

Whatever you have done today I wish you all a great rest of the Summer.  

Shiatsu Massage for Hips, Exeter, Dawlish, Devon 

Shiatsu massage can be helpful on many different levels, emotional, mental, spiritual & physical. I have found that it has given clients relief from issues with joints, particularly with hips. Shiatsu can be quite physically manipulative, which can work well for hip joints, as they are so large. Ir can also be very gentle when required & still have good results. 

Shiatsu massage has been able to give relief from Sciatica to some of my clients. It has helped with tight hips & stiffness. It has become clear with some clients that they hold emotional tension in their pelvic area & this has released for them.

Please get in touch, through the ‘contact me’ page,  if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss if Shiatsu maybe able to help you. 

Summer Shiatsu Stretches, Exeter, Dawlish, Devon

There are different stretches that relate to different meridians (lines of energy in the body.) Each meridian related to a season of the year. The below stretches relate to the Summertime. As always with stretches warm up before & down after. Be gentle when doing them & don’t push. The idea is to take a few breathes in the pose. See how the body feels whilst holding it, tight or very comfortable, these senses may show an imbalance in the body.