Shiatsu out & about in Exeter

Very excited that I am taking Shiatsu out of my practice room & onto the road in Exeter.  First off I am going to be talking about the benefits of Shiatsu & offering free tasters to some hard working (& probably exhausted) mums.  Shiatsu is incredibly nurturing & supportive & can give an important touch & contact to those who are in a caring role.  Giving out all your energy as a career can become draining & it is important to have someone give you something back, to hold you, even for a moment, so your body can release the tension & refuel, ready to care for others again.  Parents, care givers in the family, people in support & care roles as their jobs, Shiatsu can help anyone in a caring role.  So new mums with babies needing constant attention are going to have a little taste of what Shiatsu can offer. Even still holding their baby, or knowing their baby is in the same room being held by another, Shiatsu should give them just a little respite & space for a breath just for them!

Then for a completely different pace I am off to offer Shiatsu at Exeter Respect festival – on Saturday 11th Jun.  In amongst the music, stalls & festival visitors we will be offering short affordable sessions of Shiatsu – for people who really need a Shiatsu, for those who want to try it for the first time, for those who are super busy & only have time for a quick hands on treatment – we will be there!!!  When I have more details I’ll post them here.

Hopefully these two events will lead to more – spreading the joy & benefits of Shiatsu across the Exeter area.  If you would like to discuss Shiatsu further, or if you have an idea of somewhere that would benefit from Shiatsu taster sessions then please email me or call me – details on the contact me page.