Saturday Shiatsu

Just thought I’d put out a reminder that I offer Shiatsu appointments on Saturday mornings.  My week day appointments are filling up more quickly than my Saturday ones at the moment.  I offer reasonably timed appointments, so you can still make the most of your Saturday put you don’t have to get up too early.

If you can make a Saturday morning & fancy a Shiatsu then please get in touch.  My contact details are on the contact me page.  There’s also a page with info about what Shiatsu is if you are new to it.  Feel free to call me if you’d rather discuss if Shiatsu may be for you.

Shiatsu in Autumn

The link below is to a great article about how to support your body at this time of year – alongside having regular Shiatsu sessions of course.

The weather is really changing but our lives continue on regardless – the colder months should be a slower pace – allowing our bodies a chance to build energy up for the Spring & Summer.  Our lives don’t take this into a account – so the article above gives some easy solutions on how to help support our bodies.

Shiatsu can help warm the body, strengthen the core energy, restore dificencies & give some personal space – time out of a busy life can help the boys restore & us to continue through with our non stop lives.

Do contact me if you want to know more about Shiatsu. Details are on the contact me page.