Shiatsu tasters – Exwick, Exeter, Devon

Life generally goes along at a ridiculously super fast pace these days. We don’t seem to have time to stop & rest, think & just be.  We have all these conveniences that save time, cars, technology, convenience foods,  supermarkets, washing machines, dishwashers, but somehow we still have loads to do & no time to do it in.

This pace of life takes us away from the rhythms of nature & the sense of who & what we are.  We all need a break from our crazy schedules.  A shiatsu treatment can give you that break from the daily grind & help to restore your energy.  It can pinpoint the particular issues that have caused the fatigue & can help relieve the physical issues that it has caused.

If you are in the Exeter area & would like to try out Shiatsu then I am offering taster sessions on Wednesday mornings.  The shiatsu tasters are just £10 & they will include plenty of hands-on treatment.  They are long enough to see what Shiastu is like & whether it can work for you.  

I am offering these taster sessions at my Shiatsu practice in Exwick, Exeter. If you are interested in a Shiatsu taster then please contact me.  All my contact details are on the contact me page. I am happy to discuss any questions.

I’m looking for Shiatsu opportunities in Exeter

After a good day giving Shiatsu tasters I am very energised & enthusiatic about building my business & spreading the benefits of this brilliant hands on therapy.

 I first had Shiatsu over 20 years ago, here in Devon & was amazed about the energy & invigoration I felt afterwards.  I found I could bound & skip up the steep track from the farm house where I received the treatment.  Since then I have been sold, it is such a special therapy & I find it hard to understand that many people have not heard of it, or believe it is just a form of massage.  I don’t mean ‘just a form of massage’ badly & I love a good massage.  Shiatsu has an element of diagnoses, that is based within the five element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Then there is the touch diagnosis as well, & also the visual diagnosis.  Some friends of mine who practise acupuncture could not believe that I could spot a deficiency by just looking at the person. It can be really clear what support a client requires by the way they hold their body, their posture or some colouration on the face. 

The results that can be generated by Shiatsu are awe inspiring.  I have had clients make big life changes, they came feeling stuck in a rut. I have had people who have been able to do things that they never thought they could achieve.  Back ache, sciatica, head aches, menstrual issues have all been eased.  It has helped labour to begin. It can give carers the support they require to keep giving the care they do. Shiatsu is a really safe & supportive therapy, it allows the client to feel, within their body, the issues that they are facing.  This can help shift things that physical or mental therapies can sometimes struggle with moving.

I am really keen to get Shiatsu out to as many people as possible, in the Exeter area, & begin to build my business too!! I can offer Shiatsu tasters in work places, give talks, I can work in shops, at fairs, anywhere really. So if you are interested or know of somewhere or someone or some group that maybe interested then do please contact me. Then I can promote my business & my passion! I am really happy to give free Shiatsu’s to anyone who can help me out!

Still time to book a Shiatsu taster session tomorrow in Exeter, Devon

I have a few spaces left for Shiatsu tasters tomorrow at Revolution, in Fore Street, in the centre of Exeter.

There is still time to book before the shop closes today, or get in touch with them when they open at 10 in the morning – call on 01392 410759.

The Shiatsu tasters are long enough to get a good sense of what Shiatsu is like & whether it might work for you on a regular basis. The rooms at Revolution are really lovely, having been used by a lot of therapists.  It is really easy to find the shop, it’s right in the centre of Exeter.  The people in the shop will direct you to the therapy rooms upstairs.

Sessions are only £10.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any further questions about what Shiatsu is & how it may work for you.

Next chance to test out Shiatsu

If you are in the Exeter area & fancy seeing if Shiatsu may be able to help with aches & pains or other conditions you maybe experiencing then here’s your chance.  I am offering taster sessions for just £10 on Saturday 18th May.  The sessions will be taking place at Revolution, in Fore Street, in the centre of Exeter.  They will be between 10.30 & 12.30.  To book you need to call the shop at Revolution on 01392 410759.

The Shiatsu tasters will include a short consultation & as much hands on as I can squeeze into the time.  The beauty of Shiatsu is that it is different every time, it meets the needs of the person, on the day & the time of the appointment.  Revolution is easy to get to, right in the centre of Exeter.  The therapy rooms are really lovely, warm & quiet.

If you would like further information on how Shiatsu maybe able to help then please call me.  My contact details are on the about page. My previous posts include photos & a video of what Shiatsu involves.

Information about Shiatsu

I promised information about Shiatsu & about myself & I have now added some on the ‘about’ page. I am always happy to discuss Shiatsu & talk about offers at both my Exwick & central Exeter practises.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  You can call or use the enquiry form.

If you are new to Shiatsu have a look at the video I posted recently.  Although she is not a Shiatsu practitioner I know personally, & she is not in the Exeter area she has produced a brilliant video of a Shiatsu treatment.  It is only a couple of minutes long so doesn’t take up too much time!

Also I posted some photos a while back, of me practicing in my room in Exwick, on the outskirts of Exeter.  These also give an idea of what is involved in a treatment.  It also gives a sneaky view of the room I practice Shiatsu.