Shiatsu and a Daily Rhythm

I have never been one to stick rigidly to a daily routine. My husband has a solid meditation practice that he struggles to live without. Over the years I have tried different meditation and exercise routines, and then given myself a hard time about not being able to commit to the same thing every day.

I have realised that I actually do have daily rhythms and practice that support me, I have taken small things from all the different practices I have learnt and use them when I need to. I have stopped giving myself such a hard time and found I do more each day than when I stressed about it all the time.

We have a busy family life so I tend to slot things in around what is happening.

One of the best things for me is stretching. You will find me stretching whilst I cook, put the washing up or away, whilst hoovering and whilst picking up the endless stuff left on the floor. I stretch along the Meridian, lines of energy in the body, that Shiatsu works on. I feel more fluid and flexible once I have stretched, more physically and mentally.

I also used Do-In most mornings. This is a process of patting or rubbing the body awake, again using the Merdians. I start with my scalp and back of my head and neck then work over my shoulders and down my arms, continuing down my whole body. I tend to start this process as I get out of bed, make my way to the bathroom and whilst I have my shower. I feel more awake after this and my skin is tingly.

I tend to have quiet time, meditation or breathing practice, as I prepare for a session of Shiatsu. I use different forms of meditation. I use breath work meditation, Chakra focused meditation, guided meditation and Transindental Meditation. I use whatever technique feels appropriate on that day.

I really enjoy breath work. Bringing my attention to how I feel in my body. Using breath to loosen and let go of tension. Letting go of negative thoughts with my breath and bringing in positive energy with my breath in.

I also have a save all technique! This is so simple but helps me so much. When things are getting too much or I am too tired or I just need to have some space I use this. Wherever I am, within reason, I lie down – on a floor, or on my Shiatsu mat. (I don’t find it works if I lie on a bed or sofa.)

I lie on my back with my knees up and I simply rest for a moment. I can feel my body and mind settle, my spine fall into place, and then I can begin to understand how I am actually feeling. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed or exhausted but just acknowledging how I really feel allows the feelings to ease. When I first began this practice I was concerned I wouldn’t get back up or I would fall asleep but this doesn’t happen. It feels like a reset, I switch off and turn back on again, I zone out and come back, I take a moment and that is all I need.

At the end of the day I rest and I wrap my mid-drift to warm my kidney area. The kidneys are the body’s burners, if they are warm and working everything else works too. I need a lot of sleep so I head to bed early, I may meditate for a short amount of time before bed but generally I am too tired. Then obviously I start all over again the next day.

Having daily support techniques can make all the difference. I advise most clients to have some routine between Shiatsus, to keep the energy flowing and the treatment working as well and for as long as possible.

If you would like to learn some of these techniques with me let me know, I’m always happy to share and support people with their own health and well-being.

Have a good day everyone.


Shiatsu this Saturday and Sunday

I’m offering Shiatsu taster sessions at the Big Sheep Mind, Body, Soul event this weekend.

I love this event – I’ve been the last two years – it’s a great atmosphere, friendly and suportive. There are so many stalls offering so many things, loads of tasters and readings and loads of gifts and treats.

It’s worth a visit so maybe I’ll see you there – come and say hi.

Details of the event can be found here

Shiatsu and Emotions, Exeter, Devon

The body holds our emotional stresses and strains. Whatever happens in our lives it impacts our bodies.

In most treatments I am aware that I am working with emotions as well the physical body.

Often an injury or complaint has an emotion connected to it, deep hurt, tearfulness, frustration. With Shiatsu I can ease the emotion alongside the physical, providing release and relief.

As we go through life we may have upsets with people, relationship breakdowns, work issues. We may experience anxiety or distress. Generally we try to fathom and resolve these issues by thinking them through.

What I love about Shiatsu is it gives the space for the client to experience how they feel in their body.

It can allow you to feel how near to your physical and emotional limit you are.

It can bring up issues and concerns from your past, emotions that have been held for a long time.

It can provide an emotional release. Working with a client and watching them experience a sense of relief and release is such a privilege.

Shiatsu can help a client feel happier and more content in themselves. It can help with confidence and motivation, supporting a client to make changes in their lives, if needs be.

The more emotions I work with the more I also understand and feel my own. It is a special and privileged job that I am lucky enough to do. What a joy to facilitate and work with clients as they gain control of theit emotional and physical lives.


I have used Shiatsu a few times over this last couple of weeks. Bringing the kids tantrums down, easing car-sickness and loosening my husband’s stiff neck. On top of it having been the school holidays I have also had to have some, necessary but horrible, dental surgery.

I have spent the last ten days recovering. I have been lucky that my husband could take some time off to have the kids, it has been a joy to hear the adventures they have been up to together. It’s been tough though. I am naturally impatient so having to give in to rest has been difficult. I have been aware that the treatment and antibiotics have had a physical, mental and emotional impact on me. I have used various natural remedies to support myself and this, I believe, has helped with a relatively speedy recovery.

Like most people I’m not keen on the dentist at the best of times, but having to have excessive work is no joke. This was the second stage of the work and so I had some idea of what was going to happen. I used homeopathy to support me before and after the treatment, I used natural remedies to help alongside the antibiotics but of course I also used plenty of Shiatsu.

I used Shiatsu to settle my mind and anxiety before the dental work. There are some great Tsubos, energy points on the body, that you can hold to ease various symptoms. I used some on my wrist and hands to ease the building stress as I waited, for ages, in the waiting room. I then held points on my hands as the treatment happened to distract and calm my mind.

When I left the dental practice I knew I would be cold, I had been the first time. I had blankets to keep me warm. I rubbed the area of my lower back where the Kidneys are, I could feel the heat radiating to warm my whole body. The Kidneys are the body’s burners, if they are warm everything is. I wrapped the blankets well around this area and warmed quickly.

Further to the treatment I did suffer with headaches, which I relieved by using relevant Tsubos but also by massaging my hands and feet. This is so simple if you treat a headache as a build up of energy in the head. Working other areas of the body brings the energy away from the head and relieves the pain. It worked for me.

I have listened to my body as much as my impatience allows, which is something that can be hard to do in our busy lives. I have rested and slept. I have eaten food to support my immune system and help my kidneys.

It’s not all been straight forward. At one point my husband called me an ‘Antibiotic Zombie!’ and he was right. But in general the Shiatsu has helped my feel as balanced as possible.

Now I am fully recovered I am looking forward to getting back to giving lots of Shiatsu. To support others to find and feel balance in themselves and their lives.


Shiatsu and Chronic Pain, Exeter, Devon

I have treated a number of clients who are suffering with chronic pain.

Chronic pain is such a difficult thing to live with, affecting every area of life. Often clients have lived with pain for years or even decades.

Shiatsu is a very supportive and nurtuting form of therapy. In my experience it can ease the mental tension and strain that living with pain creates.

My treatments are a safe space to talk about and feel the effects the chronic pain is having on the client. Often clients have felt unable to discuss their pain levels with their families. They feel it is too much for others to bear, too boring as it is every day, too upsetting. Shiatsu sessions are the place to discuss, and feel, and maybe let go of some of the holding on.

My clients have experienced a drop in pain levels, they have been able to drop pain relief tablets. They have also experienced more mobility and flexibility.

Often clients have tried a number of different therapies before they get to Shiatsu. Shiatsu is unique, a hands-on therapy that can help support physical, mental and emotional concerns.

I love giving Shiatsu and working with people to strengthen and move forward their health. It is such a joy to hear people talking about changes and positive developments to their health.