Shiatsu at Samhain, Exeter, Devon

This is a special time of year. The change of season is a powerful energetic time and the Celtic celebration of Samhain fits nicely with this.

Samhain is the end of harvest and the beginning of winter. It is the end of the old year and the beginning of the new.

It is a time to look back and appreciate what we have learnt and achieved over the year, but also a time of light and looking forward to what we would like to achieve in the new year.

We can say goodbye to things we are holding onto, let go of past issues and concerns. Whilst we look forward to the next chapter. What a gift to have a chance to drop things that tie us, that hold us back.

Samhain is also a time to honour and remember those lost to us. This is the obvious connection to Halloween and All Saints Day.

Tonight I take time to toast those to be remembered, make a blessing and say farewell to what I no longer need and make a resolution or two about what I would like for myself for the next year.

My Shiatsu practice helps me recognise and move with the seasons, to be in tune with the energy of the time of year. It allows me to be present, in the moment and to breathe deeply, rather than looking to resolve through thoughts and analytical thinking.

Shiatsu aims to balance the body, so things just work and move right, energy, emotions and thoughts flow well. Also the body becomes in tune with the seasons and the natural energetic changes.

If you feel in need of some motivation or focus, if you could do with some deep warming and relaxation, if you want some support with letting go then you may want to try a Shiatsu.

Happy Samhain to you all xx

Shiatsu in the Autumn

Shiatsu is a gentle and supportive form of therapy that can help the body and mind rebalance. This is particularly helpful as the weather cools and the season changes.

Autumn is a time to let go of the old, as the trees show us when dropping their leaves with ease. It is a time to look at our personal boundaries, if we give too much or offer too little. It is a great time to do some organising, clear out our clutter and get to grips with that paperwork.

If our energy is out of balance at this time of year we may feel pushed and pulled by others. We may feel pain, due to holding onto or letting go too heavily of our past hurts. We may feel a lack of motivation or a loss of focus. It may lead to depression and a wish to retreat from life. It can result in sinus or bronchial issues, or shoulder pain

Shiatsu looks to balance the energy in the body, giving it a hand to do what it can do naturally and easily when balanced.

Also Shiatsu can meet the client where and how they want to be met, therefore it can help to ease physical conditions and emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances.

If you feel you would like some supportive work to help you this season then do get in touch on 07791 070837 or at


Shiatsu Holidays, Exeter, Devon

I’m having a bit of time of next week, it’s half term so the family and I are off for a break.

I’m back to work on Monday 29th and do have spaces for Shiatsu available that week.

Also on Tuesday 30th I’m holding an open day, where 30 minute tasters are just ¬£10. These open days seem to be popular so there are just a couple of spaces left. If you haven’t had Shiatsu before this is a great introduction.

Autumn is a special time of year. It is time where we can learn from the trees and let go of the things we don’t need. Also it can be hard to adjust to the changes of season, particularly when the weather is so changeable.

Shiatsu can help support our own self-care, help us feel more flexible and adjustable to situations. It can allow us to let go of tension and stress in the body, releasing both physical and emotional strain.

Do contact me if you are interested in booking when I get back.