Shiatsu in Exwick, Exeter, Devon

We arrived home in the middle of the night, after our holiday. I was very pleased to be home but have to admit my heart sank as I remembered all the work & effort it takes to keep on top of the house, following the tornado that is my two sons.

The next morning I stepped out of the house, into the garden & through to the shed, which I use for Shiatsu & my husband uses for meditation teaching.

It was such a lovely, grounding feeling stepping into our work space. I felt so lucky to have such a peaceful place to practice.

Also it’s a space to step away from the chores & chaos of family life. It allows me to come back to an inner quiet, a stillness, that brings everything into perspective.

The shed is the perfect environment to relax & be treated in. I love giving Shiatsu in there. It is easy to be in a quiet & gentle space in a quiet & gentle environment.

I am finding that my practice is more confident & focussed, now I have a space that is mine. I am able to listen & follow what I pick him more quickly.

I have been treating lots of people who live in Exwick, which is a real pleasure. Some people can walk for a treatment, or it’s just a short drive, no need to rush into town. It feels very special to treat the people who live close by, & to support the community where I live.

September brings more opportunity for Shiatsu for me. Both my boys will be at school so I will be offering Shiatsu across the week.

I’m hoping to be giving lots more Shiatsu in the beautiful space we have created.


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