Shiatsu on the New Year

So 2016 has begun & it is starting to feel a little more like winter – a little colder but it is still on the whole warmer & wetter than should be expected.

Within the 5 elements diagnosis structure this is the time of year for the water element.  The meridians that this relates to are the kidney & bladder ones.  These meridians need rest & quiet to restore & nourish them.  This can be hard with busy lives, that do not let up in the darker months of the year.

Shiatsu can help, bringing warmth & comfort to the body, allowing the space for rest, stillness & quiet. Quiet self reflection, meditation & stillness can also help keep the energy flowing in these meridians.  Even a 5 minute quiet sit down can help restore & reinvigorate.

These meridians also govern fear & anxiety, hormones & bladder & kidney functions.  If the body is continually pushed & not allowed to rest then sleep patterns can be affected.  An exaggerated sense of concern or stress can become apparent.  Fears can become heightened & can potentially lead to phobias.  Excessive toilet breaks, particularly at night, can be a sign that these meridians needs some support.  A classic sign is lower back ache, also coldness in the body & tiredness that doesn’t seem to relent.  If these symptoms are being experienced then rest, quiet & Shiatsu can really help.  Even just keeping in mind that this is ideally the time of year to rest can help, a reminder to go at a slower pace or resting when possible

If you are interested in finding out more about the 5 element diagnosis structure or how Shiatsu may be able to support you please contact me through my contact me page.

Happy New Year & here’s to at least some rest & quiet.