Shiatsu for the Family – Exeter, Devon

Shiatsu is a gentle but powerful form of hands-on therapy that is suitable for all.  In the past I have treated whole families, home visits can be arranged if needs be.  Shiatsu leaves clients feeling relaxed but also energised & it is lovely when a whole family can be in this space at the same time.

Children generally really enjoy a treatment, they love that it is hands-on.  Shiatsu is always given through clothes & is a very safe & secure touch. Children often respond well to a treatment with tension & stress easing quickly. Shiatsu is also good for mental strains such as stress & anxiety.  It can provide deep relaxation which can quieten the mind & calm the body.  Shiatsu can also help aid sleep & energy levels.

There are a lot of stresses & strains in our daily lives & even the most focused family struggles to have enough quality time together.  Shiatsu can allow the pace of life to slow down for a while, for the physical & mental concerns & conditions to release & for the family to really feel relaxed at the same time.

I have a lovely relaxing wooden cabin that I work in, in Exwick, Exeter. It is the perfect space to unwind. Otherwise home visits can be arranged, if the whole family would like a treatment at the same time. The price for the home visit can be arranged by discussion.

If you would like to know more about Shiatsu then do head to the pages on my site, including the photos as these are a good way of understanding what is involved. I am always happy to discuss Shiatsu so do get in touch through the ‘Contact Me’ page.


Shiatsu for Energy – Exeter, Dawlish, Exmouth, Devon

We live busy lives & are often tired, if not exhausted, by our daily routines.  Our bodies & minds need rest & relaxation to be able to function well.  We don’t seem to value rest & quietness enough in this society, we become more & more depleted & ground-down.

When we are tired or drained it is hard to think up ideas & plans, it is easier to do what we are already doing, to keep drudging along.  Then before you know it you are even more tired, no time to catch up & even less energy to look at changes.

Shiatsu is a subtle but powerful form of hands-on therapy that is great for building up energy levels. It uses massage techniques to work the pressure points & meridians (lines of energy) that Acupuncture uses.  It is always given through clothes & is generally given on a futon mat on the floor.  I do have a massage couch & chair if this is more comfortable.

Shiatsu looks to balance the body, finding the quiet areas & treating them with a nurturing & holding touch.  It can help loosen tension & stress in the body, finding the loud or full areas then using stretches & rotations to ease & release them. Shiatsu is specific to the particular person being treated, on that day at that time.  It is different every time.

Clients say they like ‘to be stretched by someone else’ they  ‘loved the neck & shoulder work, it felt really good’ they ‘felt their body was listened to’ & they felt ‘3 inches taller’

As well as being a satisfying treatment it is also good for aiding healthy sleep, providing long-term preventative care, it’s deeply relaxing & can help with anxiety & stress. It can also leave a client feeling more energised & balanced.  It can provide a clear mind, the energy to make plans & changes.

Clients have said they felt ‘buzzing for a few days after’ they felt ‘not stuck in a rut’ & they felt ‘inspired & energized.’

If you would like to discuss if Shiatsu may be able to help you then do get in touch through the ‘Contact Me’ page.  I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu.  I work in Exwick, in Exeter every week, Dawlish every other Friday & Exmouth every month.

Shiatsu musings, Exeter, Dawlish, Exmouth, Devon

I have had a very busy weekend, giving lots of Shiatsu, at the North Devon Mind, Body Soul event.  This was my second year at this event, it was a joy to introduce Shiatsu to lots of people & to treat some old friends.

It is a very friendly & positive event with the focus being, very much, on well-being.  I find it inspiring to be there, I gain a lot personally, as well as being able to let people know about Shiatsu.  I booked at the end of this event to exhibit next year.  If you can make it next April I suggest you do.

So now back to normal life. I have a clinic in Exmouth on Friday, it is already full.  My next one is on Friday May 25th.  I’m looking forward to this day, I love Sol Shop where I give the treatments.

I am also at home, in my wooden cabin, this Wednesday.  I have one space left on Wednesday, however I have more spaces left next week.  I work Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays every week.  I have spaces some weeks on a Friday in Exeter.  I am in Dawlish next Friday & do have some spaces there.

I am off now to continue unpacking from my weekend, I walked straight back into family life, so I still have loads to get organised.

If you would like to know more about Shiatsu check out my About Shiatsu page or head to the Shiatsu Society website. You may also want to have a look at my Facebook page.


Shiatsu Massage this Saturday & Sunday – North Devon

It’s nearly time for me to be heading up to the north of this beautiful county, to be an exhibitor at the North Devon Mind, Body, Soul Festival.  It was such a joy to give lots of Shiatsu taster sessions there last year so I can’t wait to do it again this year.

To me it felt like a very special event, there are simply loads of exhibitors & an incredible buzz about the place. It was such a welcoming, open & positive event & i would say well worth a trip.

It’s on Saturday & Sunday, 10am till 4pm.  Shiatsu taster sessions are 30 minutes long & £20. For information on the the event or to book in advance head to the Big Sheep Website

Maybe I’ll see some of you there, to get a first taste of Shiatsu or to get a really cheap but pretty long treatment.  If you would like to know more about Shiatsu or me have a look at my ‘About Shiatsu’ page or my ‘About Me’ page. I also have a Facebook page, which you can like to hear about events & offers.

Have a good weekend whatever you plans.


Shiatsu Massage for Chronic Pain relief – Exeter, Dawlish, Exmouth, Devon

If you are suffering from chronic pain then you may like to try Shiatsu, to see if it can help.  Shiatsu is a gentle form of therapy, a little like massage, although always given through clothes.  It is general given on a futon mat on the floor but can be given on a couch or in a chair.

The touch of Shiatsu is unique, it provides a supportive & safe environment, that allows space for the client to relax. The feeling should be that you are in ‘safe hands’ & generally a Shiatsu will find all the ‘that’s the spot,’ spots.

Chronic pain seems to be as much a mental strain as a physical one, from what clients have said to me. Supportive Shiatsu massage can help relieve some of the mental strain, a sense of not trying to cop on your own. There is something that can lighten the load.

Alongside the supportive aspect of a Shiatsu a number of clients have experienced a drop in pain levels, after just one treatment sometimes.  They have also felt the pain is more manageable.

When clients talk to me about the levels of pain they are in I am always so surprised but highly impressed that they are able to continue with their day to day lives. Living with pain is a very tough life & it is great that Shiatsu can provide some support & relief at times.

I am always happy to talk Shiatsu so do get in touch through the ‘Contact Me’ page if you have any questions.


Shiatsu Exeter, Dawlish, Exmouth Devon

After a great holiday week – with my boys & the grandparents – I’m ready to get back into giving relaxing, nurturing & healing Shiatsu.

Our holiday was in Cornwall & I really appreciated the clean air, the space to breathe, the beauty & wildness of nature, the quiet, stillness of the remote areas.

I was reminded that as a therapist holding a quiet space is so important. Shiatsu is a safe & secure form of massage that allows the client space to breathe, to connect to how they feel, to feel the stillness that is in all of us. This space can provide relief & release from emotional strain but also physical complaints.

I love being reminded of how special Devon & Cornwall are, how easy it is to connect to nature. I am looking forward to bringing this feeling to my Shiatsu sessions when I get back into it tomorrow.

If you are suffering with back ache, Sciatica, Arthritis, poor circulation, a weak immune system, fatigue, stress, depression, insomnia or other issues then you may like to try a Shiatsu massage.

I have spaces still available for this week in Exwick, Exeter. I have a quiet & peaceful wooden cabin, perfect for these relaxing & therapeutic treatments. Later this month I am in Exmouth & early in May I am back in Dawlish.

Check out my Facebook page for offers & events. You may also like to look at the Shiatsu Society website for further information on Shiatsu.

You can also get in touch through the ‘Contact Me’ page. I’m always happy to discuss Shiatsu.

Have a good week – breathe the air, enjoy the signs of Spring, connect with nature whenever you can.


Shiatsu holidays

I hope you all had a good Easter & that April has started well for you.

The Spring energy is now rising, finally, & this can provide lots of ‘get up & go.’ It’s an exciting time with lots of plans forming & ideas sprouting, but it is important to not get too carried away on the wave of new, high energy.  The Spring is the time for planting ideas & the first shoots appearing, the Summer is the time for plans to come to fruition.

I have had a busy couple of months so am looking forward to this week – I am on holiday – from today.  I am off with my two young boys for a few days of exploration in Cornwall.  We are so lucky to live in Devon & have so much amazing countryside on our doorstep.  I am hoping the rather inconsistent weather will hold a little to make it a bit easier to make the most of the beautiful county.

I’ll be back offering Shiatsu in Exeter next week –  from Monday 16th April – & I’m in Dawlish & Exmouth later in the month. I am always happy to discuss Shiatsu so  do get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page, I will pick up emails over the week.

Information on Shiatsu can be found on my Information About Shiatsu page.  It can be helpful to have a look at Photos of Shiatsu if you are new to this form of therapy.

The Shiatsu Society also have information on Shiatsu you might also to look at.

You can like my Facebook page to keep up to date with events & offers.

Have a good week – whatever your plans.





Shiatsu in Exwick, Exeter, Devon

I’m am thrilled that I have been featured in the first edition of the Exwick Life magazine. It is a local magazine for the community that I live in, it’s long overdue & very much in need. Exwick is a disparate community & doesn’t have a central area so communication is difficult.

Shiatsu massage Exeter
I was lucky enough to have some editorial included, a really positive & enthusiastic piece on Shiatsu in the local community.

Shiatsu massage Exeter Devon

I feel passionately about supporting people with Shiatsu, it’s very gentle but powerful & suitable for all. How great to be able to support the community I live.

I work in Exwick, Exeter most days & offer some evening & weekend appointments. I’m always happy to discuss Shiatsu so do get in touch through the ‘Contact Me’ page with any questions.