Shiatsu and Solstice, Exeter, Devon

Here we are, deepest, darkest Winter. The day with the least light, a pivotal point of the year. A time to reflect and observe what has happened in the past year and a chance to plant seeds for the next.

Today I am officially on holiday and have finished offering Shiatsu for 2018. It feels a great day to bring this year’s work to an end, I have had a very fulfilling and enjoyable year offering this amazing hands on therapy.

I wish you all a very magical and joyful festive period and a very happy New Year.

I am back on January 2nd, I’m looking forward to offering lots more Shiatsu in 2019.

Blessings to you all xx

Shiatsu for the New Year

I know I’m talking about the New Year already and we haven’t made it through Christmas yet. I wanted to let you all know that I am back offering Shiatsu from Wednesday January 2nd.

In my experience Shiatsu is brilliant for support self motivation and drive, focus and determination. So if you feel you haven’t achieved as much as you would have liked this year, and you want to make some serious resolutions then maybe Shiatsu is the perfect therapy for you.

I only have two spaces left on Wednesday 2nd January and Friday 4th January but have more spaces available the following week.

Get a set of Shiatsu sessions booked in, grab yourself a discount if you book 6 or more at once. Use Shiatsu to support your natural rhythms but also boost your energy levels and personal drive.

Shiatsu is a very supportive and nurturing form of therapy. It also provides a deep level of relaxation, helping the body recover from daily life and providing an extra boost.

So if you feel up for a challenge but could do with a bit more focus, drive or energy then get in touch to book in.

This is such a great time of year for quiet and reflection. Have a very merry festive period, but remember to get some quiet time, so you can get a good idea of your goals and dreams for 2019.


Shiatsu for Christmas

If you are struggling for ideas for perfect Christmas presents then worry no more.

I offer gift vouchers for Shiatsu and Natural Face Lift Massage, both relaxing and nurturing.

Gift vouchers can be purchased for any denomination and I can send them electronically, or drop them through your door, if your within a reasonable distance.

Get in touch to arrange – 07791 070837


Shiatsu and the Winter Time

Shiatsu is a great therapy to have in the Winter. It is warming and energising, it helps rebuild the core energy, that we use so much of at this time of year. In my experience it is great at supporting chronic pain and easing joint pain. It is deeply relaxing and can help ease sleep issues, which is helpful particularly at this time of the year.

The Winter is the time of the Water Energy, as in the Five Element diagnosis system. When the Water energy is in balance the body is strong and warm, it has fludity in movement, physically, mentally and emotionally. The sleep patterns are good, and energy levels stay strong. When the Water element is out of balance fears and phobias rise up, sleep patterns are upset, energy levels are low and issues with bones, the bladder and the kidney can appear.

Shiatsu can support all the imbalances that show up at this time of year. There are other thjngs yiu can do to support yourself at this time of year.

  • Rest as much as possible, give your energy chance to recharge
  • Keep your mid-drift warm, this is where your kidneys are – if they are good they can support the rest of your body
  • Drink warming drinks, including fresh ginger in warm water
  • Meditate or take time to be quiet, this is a good time of year for reflection

Keep warm and enjoy this dark but reflective time of year.


Last Chance Shiatsu, Exeter, Devon

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m taking some time out, to hang out over the festive period with my family.

I am working next week and do have a couple of spaces left. Do get in touch if you need a last minute boost.

Shiatsu is:

  • Relaxing
  • Energising
  • Good for sleep issues
  • Great at preventative measure
  • Supportive with stress and anxiety issues

If you need a bit of time out, support and an energy boost before we hit the festive period then let me know.

You can always book in for the new year as well. I’m back on Wednesday 2nd January. Shiatsu can help support personal drive and motivation so great for new year resolutions.


Shiatsu for Chronic Pain, Exeter, Devon

I have a lot of clients who come for Shiatsu because they are living with constant pain, often high levels of constant pain.

In my experience Shiatsu can help lower the levels of pain, increase mobility and relieve tension due to the body compensating for injuries. It can also help with the mental strain of dealing with chronic pain.

Often dealing with pain can leave a client feeling alone and isolated. It is a constant mental battle and difficult to explain to others at times.

Shiatsu is an enjoyable therapy to experience. It is very supportive and nurturing. It is relaxing but at the same time it can raise energy levels. It can help with self motivation and personal drive. All of this can support a client managing pain.

This time of year really shows up the weak areas of our bodies. If you are already dealing with high levels of pain it can become unmanageable over the winter. If this is your situation maybe you want to try Shiatsu…..


Shiatsu for Christmas

Still time to grab some gift vouchers for Christmas. What could be better than a relaxing, nurturing and nourishing Shiatsu treatment or a Natural Face Lift Massage for Christmas?

Either get Shiatsu on your own Christmas list or purchase a voucher for someone who deserves a serious treat.

I offer vouchers in any denomination so you don’t need to ask for or purchase a full session. I can still get them sent out or drop then through a door or you’re welcome to come and pick them up.

So do get in touch if you would like to get hold of some vouchers.


Shiatsu with me

Maybe you’ve had Shiatsu before and are looking for a practitioner in the Exeter area.

Every practitioner is different. I can say that I am a supportive, open and honest therapist. I provide a safe environment for clients to express whatever they need to.

My Shiatsu can be vigorous when appropriate and I love getting into tension in the shoulders and neck. I often get clients saying they have enjoyed a good stretch or that they feel taller or straighter than when they arrived.

I am able to adapt to everyone and anyone, I can offer Shiatsu on a couch or in a chair if needs be. I have had great results with a particular client who is only able to lie on a couch. I also work on children or pregnant women.

I really enjoy the quiet work that Shiatsu involves, the strong connection, the nurturing and caring ability of this therapy.

I have worked with a lot of people looking to make changes in their lives. I have had a number of clients with Arthritis or joint issues. I have supported clients with back or pelvic issues. I have also helped support people with chronic pain. I have also supported people with anxiety, depression and stress.

I work in a warm and inviting wooden cabin in our garden in Exwick, Exeter. It helps create a relaxing environment.

I’m always happy to discuss Shiatsu so do get in touch if you would like to talk before coming to have a session.

Thanks for reading and maybe see you soon.


Shiatsu before Christmas

Well Christmas is coming up fast and there always seems to be so much to get done. Do you have space to squeeze a stress-busting, energy-building, deeply-warming Shiatsu in?

I have just a couple of spaces left in week commencing 17th December, including one rare evening appointment.

If you feel in need of some care and support, if you would like some help with physical tension or pain, if you need some relaxation and space then get in touch to book.

I’ll be back in the new year offering Shiatsu but if you can’t wait until then do see if you can make one of the last spots for this year.


Shiatsu for Joint Pain

It’s the time of year when aches and pains start to show themselves and any issues with joints become more obvious. Whether it’s arthritic or an other issue joint pain can be very tiresome and demoralizing. The interesting thing is that my experience is that Shiatsu can be incredibly helpful and successful in reducing joint pain.

In simple terms Shiatsu looks to balance the energy in the body. If there is a lack of energy in a joint, causing discomfort or pain, bringing energy to that area and through that joint can rebalance the body and ease the symptoms. Shiatsu does this by working along the Meridians, lines of energy, that run throughout the body. These are also used in Acupuncture and Acupressure.

There are also some rules with joint pain that may help you manage the condition between treatments.

  1. Joints love warmth – wrap up, use a hot water bottle or heat pad whenever possible.
  2. Joints like gentle movement – gently exercise your joint, never pushing to much, look to find a balance between rest and movement.
  3. Joints like care and attention – get lots of Shiatsu or other support, ask a partner or friend to hold the joint, do points 1 and 2

If you suffer from joint pain then do get in touch to discuss if Shiatsu might help, until then get into bed with a hot water bottle and a nice warm drink and take it easy!