Cosy Shiatsu, Exeter, Devon

Well today has been pretty miserable, cold & mostly wet. I’ve had a lovely day giving toasty, warm Shiatsu massages in my practice room in Exeter.

Shiatsu can be great at getting the body going, whether it’s poor circulation, or remedying inertia, or rehabilitation after an injury or accident, or moving on from emotional distress. 

Today my clients were warmed & ready to face whatever this very inconsistent Autumn is going to throw at us! 

Shiatsu for Stress, Exeter & Dawlish, Devon 

Stress can dramatically affect people’s lives & it is a hard thing to manage on your own. Shiatsu is a supportive form of hands-on therapy that may help with stress, anxiety & other emotional distress. 

At the beginning of a Shiatsu treatment there is a quick consultation, then as much hands-on treatment as time allows. There is little or no discussion whilst the treatment takes place, giving the client a chance to listen to their body, to feel where & how the stress is affecting them. As Shiatsu provides a safe & secure space, feelings, emotions, distress can be released, generally with a sense of relief or of positive release. 

Our bodies hold a physical imprint of the stresses & strains we experience in life, sometimes it is important to talk through these issues, sometimes it is helpful to just feel them & sometimes using a talking therapy alongside a hands-on therapy can be helpful. Shiatsu can involve a level of conversation if the client requests it, I have had clients who have found greater release in discussing what they are experiencing as the massage goes along.

I have experienced clients build a sense of control & confidence after a few Shiatsu treatments. Instead of feeling that they are at the mercy of their condition or situation they feel they are taking action to make changes. Shiatsu is such a supportive therapy, they can build their confidence up knowing they have a space which is confidential & constructive. 

Shiatsu works to balance the energies in the body. As these energies come into balance there can be a greater sense of flow & movement in the body, mind & emotions. Clients have commented that they felt energized & revitalized after a Shiatsu massage. This new found energy, alongside a safe space, can allow people to feel confident enough to start making changes, break patterns & learn new ways to support themselves. 

If you are interested in discussing if Shiatsu may of help to you then do get in touch, details on the ‘contact me’ page. I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu. I work in Exeter & Dawlish, in Devon. 

Shiatsu Event this Sunday, Exmouth, Devon

I’m going to be at this great community event in Exmouth on Sunday. I’ll be giving Shiatsu tasters but there’s going to loads to do – all focused on supporting the town to be healthy & happy. There are workshops for adults & kids & loads of things to see & try out.

It’s only a short trip from Exeter on the train & a beautiful journey down the estuary. A relaxing way to travel to an event that will hopefully leave you feeling chilled out & happy. 

More information on the event here

Spread the word & see you there 


Shiatsu on a Tuesday Anyone? Exeter, Devon 

Well my official start offering Shiatsu massage on a Tuesday hasn’t started off so well – I’ve had a cancellation this week, my first Tuesday appointment! On a more positive note I am now able to offer two appointments on a Tuesday, with the aim of building up to a full day of appointments. So I have two spaces this week if anyone fancies a Shiatsu with me! 

I feel positive about working more days & I’m sure I will begin to book up. It is a strange thing, starting a new business or expanding a business. I remember, when I first started, sitting wondering where my clients would come from. They did come, from various different forms of promotion, & so I feel a little more confident this time! 

You don’t get anywhere not doing anything though do you, it’s better to act than not, so here’s to new ventures & adventures. 

I love Shiatsu, & yes I’m looking to make a living from it, but my primary motivation when looking for new clients isn’t to get money it is to help support them with Shiatsu. It is a form of therapy that is suitable for all & can really help with a whole load of complaints, concerns or issues.  It is so versatile, supporting on a physical, mental, emotional & mental level. I want to help support people using Shiatsu, I can see that Shiatsu may well help them & I would like them to try it! 

There isn’t really a culture in this country of looking after ourselves. Often we don’t have the money to spare to have hands-on therapies. Sometimes there isn’t the confidence that complementary medicine may help.  I have met a number of clients who have recognised the importance of hands-on therapy, often they are older, & Shiatsu has helped them keep fit & well, or manage chronic pain.  It doesn’t have to be Shiatsu, some people instantly fall in love with this form of therapy & others can take it or leave it. Different people enjoy & benefit from different therapies, it’s good to find one that suits & use it support yourself. 

Hopefully, in a few weeks time, I will be blogging about lots of new Shiatsu massage clients who come & see me on a Tuesday, to support themselves in their lives , who love Shiatsu & who benefit from it.

In the meantime if there’s something you are umming & ahhing about why don’t you go ahead & put yourself out there, what’s the worst that could happen? I’m not trying to be clever or preachy, or patronising, I have been so reticent about promoting myself so I’m just trying to support others. Someone said something similar to me, & it really helped. 

Autumn Equinox & Shiatsu, Exeter & Dawlish, Devon 

Happy Autumn Equinox to you all! 

I find that these markers in the year a good opportunity to take some time out, to take stock of where I find myself, to evaluate my priorities & to decide my focus for the coming months. 

This is an interesting Equinox as it is the start of the days becoming shorter than the nights, the start of the darker part of the year. This could feel depressing & something not to look forward to. We are however in a part of the year that governs personal focus, organisation, drive & directness. This type of energy is around for this Equinox, & feels particularly strong this year. If we can harness this energy & be clear about our intentions & what we want to acheive we may find that we go into Winter with a more positive mindset. 

This time of year is also about harvest & storing for the colder months. This is a chance to nurture ourselves with sweet fruit & vegetables, all the squashes & apples are ready now. Beautiful slow baked butternut squash soup or a warm bowl of stewed blackberries & apples. 

So maybe a bit of nurturing, enjoying the fruits of the harvest & a bit of intention making for the next few months is in order for us all.

If you feel It is hard to focus or find a sense of direction then you can always try a Shiatsu, similarly if you are dreading the darker months & need a mood-boost. I am always happy to talk Shiatsu so do get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page. I work in Exeter & Dawlish, in beautiful Devon 

Shiatsu Shed Update – Exeter, Devon 

A couple of months ago we had a beautiful solid wood cabin put up in our garden. One of the reasons for the shed is to provide a space for me to give Shiatsu massage. It is such a lovely, natural space, with the wood natural holding the sun’s warmth & providing a cosy & comfy environment.

It has taken us a while to get all the jobs done, to get the shed Shiatsu ready. The end is in sight now – the electrics are in the carpet is chosen & the insulation & outside path are in progress. 

I spent some time sitting in the space, I loved the peacefulness & sense of calm I experienced. I can’t wait to offer Shiatsu massage in it. I will be offering appointments every Tuesday afternoon, Friday morning & every other Wednesday. 

Shiatsu Massage & the Changing Seasons – Exeter & Dawlish, Devon 

Wow so we find ourselves in September, already, & the weather seems to have a harsh lesson for us this year – enough of the Summer, welcome to cold Autumn. No Indian Summer, as yet, no gentle change in temperature, no final days of golden sunshine – just plenty of rain, cold temperatures & harsh winds – great!!!!

This time of year relates to the Earth energy, within 5 Element Diagnosis. This is part of Traditonal Chinese Medicine & is used as a form of diagnosis within Shiatsu. The Earth energy is about gathering fruit & later crops, to begin to settle down into the Autumn & to store for the Winter.

This year the energy seems different. It’s like we have missed a season & similarly have missed an Element within the 5 Elements. It feels like we have moved straight to the Metal element energy & bypassed the Earth energy. The metal energy is about letting go, about boundaries, about organisation & having things in their place. 

A lot of the clients I have seen recently have been showing an imbalance with their metal energy & I have been having quite a few conversations with people who are having to let go of big things in their lives. It seems a strong energy this year to let go of things & to adapt to quite big changes. It feels like the Metal energy is insisting that we shed & move on & prepare, already, for the upcoming Winter months. 

So how do we support our metal energy at this time – how do we feel alright about these changes?

  • Grasp the nettle & declutter – not all of it! Just have a go at clearing out a corner in your house or sort the piles of letters you have been ignoring!
  • Exercise to get going – no I’m not suggesting you start jogging or weight lifting! Wake the body in the morning – stretch the arms, open the chest, breath deeply, rub your limbs, your face & scratch your scalp. Don’t jump up & start the day, take a couple of minutes to wake the body up. 
  • Get out in the fresh air – breathing the, at present rather fresh, air can help balance the metal energy, as can a bit of cardio exercise. A brisk walk, not for long, to open the lungs & energise the body & mind.
  • Then maybe think about what you want or need to let go of & what you really want to hold onto.
  • write a list, get some clarity & focus. This can work either way, you may feel you can’t let go or you may feel you can’t hold on, you may also feel a lack of clarity of thought, you don’t really know how you feel. Try to get your ideas down on a piece of paper as a first step.
  • Of course get some Shiatsu massage! Shiatsu is a safe & secure form of therapy, allowing you to feel how you feel without judgement or expectation. It can help rebalance the Metal energy in your body, removing fuzziness of thought, or fear of letting go or anxiety to hold on.  It can help the flow of energy in the body which in turn helps the flow of thoughts & emotions. It provides time out from daily responsibilities & expectations, a quick breather, which can leave the client feeling relaxed but energised & ready to face the world once more! 

If you have any questions about Metal energy deficiency or whether Shiatsu maybe able to support you then do get in touch – either through the ‘contact me’ page or on 07791 070837. I work in Exeter & Dawlish. I offer private client appointments but can also work in workplaces, with families & I also offer workshops.

Upcoming Shiatsu Event, Exmouth, Devon

This is the next event where I will be offering Shiatsu tasters

It looks like a great event with lots of exhibitors & the focus ipno supporting the community in many different ways. 

It’s a family friendly event with lots for kids to do whilst you get a quick but relaxing & revitalizing Shiatsu massage taster!

Maybe see you there & please spread the word. 

More details of the event can be found here