Shiatsu for Christmas?

Not long now until Christmas is upon us.

I love this time of year, the mid winter celebration makes me feel connected to the season as well as warm and fuzzy.

A few days ago we took the time, as a family, to head out to the woods in search of holly and ivy. We came back after a blustery and cheek warming walk with fir branches and berry-festooned holly.

I love bringing these natural decorations into the house, along with the real Christmas tree we lovingly care for throughout the year. It is another way to connect to the season.

I do have some time off from Shiatsu and will be back from the 6th January. In the meanwhile here’s some tips to boost your energy for the festivities:

1. Drink fresh ginger tea – warms the kidneys – they help everything else work

2. Take some time out for meditation and reflection – quiet rest is the way to go at this time of year

3. Wear a scarf! Chills in the neck will result in sore necks and shoulders but also will zap the body of vital resource

See you in the new year xx

Shiatsu Courses, Exeter, Devon

I am really enjoying offering courses in the “Shiatsu Shed” in Exeter, Devon. The space is perfect for a relaxing and supportive treatment but also big enough to hold small workshop groups.

Shiatsu is a very supportive and nurturing form of therapy, that is tailored to the individual. Because the course numbers are limited they also offer a high level of support and guidance, and can be easily tailored to the participants.

The two courses I have run already have been adapted to suit the participants that day. One course became focused on how to support oneself as a carer, and how to use Shiatsu to support someone you care for. The other course focused on how to support oneself as a massage therapist and how Shiatsu can help you find inspiration in your own practice. The second course would work just as well for yoga teachers, reflexology practitioners, acupuncture therapists, counsellors and any other therapists.

In past careers I have always found myself drawn to the training and development aspect of a role. I have gained a fair amount of experience in delivering training and mentoring others. So it feels very special to be able to bring those skills into my Shiatsu business.

I hope to offer more courses in the new year. I am excited to see what type of courses I end up developing and who I am approached by.

The courses are offered in Exeter, Devon, although I can travel. They can be tailored for therapists of all types, massage, yoga, counselling. They can also be for carers, both professional and those who care for family members. The courses would also suit those interested in self care and self development. They would suit a group of colleagues interested in team building, or a professional organisation keen to offer self care and support to their employees.

The courses are designed to provide a basic knowledge of what Shiatsu is, how to support yourself and how to give Shiatsu to friends and family. Numbers are always small and the prices are affordable.

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If you are thinking of heading to Exeter from further a field you may want to have a look at the Visit Exeter website.

My practice is close to the main Exeter station – St David’s

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