Strength In Our Weakness, Shiatsu in Exeter, Devon

Have you been feeling vulnerable this week? Have you felt a letting go of old hurts? Have you felt an almost painful opening in your heart?  Well good news you are not alone.

This week has seemed very raw, for me and my clients.  As the week has progressed I have realised that feeling open and vulnerable is actually a very positive place to be. It is a true and genuine place, rather than creating and relying on a self-fabricated facade.

It can be uncomfortable to feel, to embody our emotional pain and hurt.  This week has helped me understand that there is a power in being able to sit in the area where we feel most uncomfortable, in our most vulnerable area, to open our hearts to our discomfort, even if only for a moment.

A beautiful, genuine, kindness can come from our deepest sadness.  This week has helped me and my clients understand that feeling our grief, our saddest times turns out to be a gift.  The gift of truly, deeply, feeling, of some release of old pains, and of a open-heartedness that we can show and love others with.  It is really being where you are and how you feel, not trying to hide or pretend that you feel okay, that all is well.

Shiatsu comes at any issue from the body first, the mind and emotions then follow.  This week has shown how dynamic and freeing a Shiatsu treatment can be.  There has been tears and emotional distress but there has always been a sense of relief and release, a sense of understanding and an idea of how to move forwards.

If you are feeling vulnerable, or open, or edgy, then take a moment to feel the root cause, where in your body does the feeling stem from. Breathe into that area and understand that is okay to feel how you feel, it is alright to feel vunerable, it is fine to feel your weakness. It is absolutely right to feel exactly how you feel.

Stay in the area for the time you feel comfortable being there, a fleeting moment, a few minutes, a long meditation. Gentle open your heart and be kind to yourself, let a little light burn from within. Then quietly take that kindness and light out to all those you meet. There is joy where there is pain.  There is infinite strength in our weakness.

Heart felt love to all.




Community Shiatsu, Exwick, Exeter

I work in the large but also very spread out community of Exwick. I have clients who travel over to the area to have a treatment with me but I also have a lot of clients from the area, some who walk around the corner to me.

I love treating the people in my local community, and working here rather than in the centre of Exeter feels special. We are out of the hubbub of the city, although still easy to get to. Working here supports the people of Exwick but also the community as a while. Rather than people feeling there is nothing here, they can get a supportive treatment practically on their doorstep.

Exwick is pretty quiet so ideal for a relaxing and nurturing massage. Also I work in a wooden cabin which adds to the relaxing environment.

Shiatsu for Emotions, Exeter, Devon

Shiatsu is a physical form of therapy, when appropriate very physical. It actually works on many different levels, making it an unique and special form of therapy.

In my experience, generally, a physical issue or complaint has an emotional element attached to it.  Shiatsu works on both the physical aspects of the issue but also supports the emotional connection.  It maybe that the client is holding a lot of grief or stress or upset and this becomes held in the body.  It maybe that there is something in the client’s history that caused a level of emotional pain, this also becomes stored in the body. fb_img_15348650806411761706291.jpg

Tension and stress in the body will only fully release if the emotional side of it is also worked on. Shiatsu does this in a gentle and non-intrusive way, giving the body and mind space to release tightness or upset.  It can be quiet a relief, a realisation of the feeling and a letting go of holding it.

shiatsu 28.01.2017 008

I am still impressed and amazed at some of the results that Shiatsu generates. Clients often express how they feel lighter and looser in their bodies but also in their minds. They express that they have felt held and treated in a special and kind way which has allowed concerns to melt away.  They have mentioned that they feel normal again, they don’t have to work at things like they had been, their body works like it used to.


I have regular treatments and use Shiatsu on myself to support my own flow of energy, it seems to do it in a way nothing else does. I love Reflexology, Cranial Osteopathy and Zero Balancing, all of which feel similar to Shiatsu to me.  However Shiatsu seems more powerful in some way, without being intrusive it seems to facilitate big shifts, releasing and relieving stress, tension and emotional holding.


Shiatsu Awareness Month

September is Shiatsu Awareness Month. The Shiatsu Society are promoting this amazing hands-on therapy with information about how it can support & help clients.

I have only managed one event this September, to promote Shiatsu, but I am always happy to talk about it, discuss whether it may be of help & to answer any questions. You can contact me through this site or on 07791 070837


Shiatsu & time out, Exeter, Devon

At the end of the school holidays my family & I headed to Dartmoor for the day. Some well needed head space, time out of normal routines & space to remember what is important.

I was reminded that taking time out in nature, or for self care, or for support is important, sometimes essential. Not only is it an chance to rest & recover it is a chance to regroup & readdress.

To give the best Shiatsu I can I take time for myself when I can, time away in nature & getting treatments myself. Then the realisations & changes in my mind, my emotions & my physical body have time to happen.

Shiatsu for me is the opportunity to give the body, mind & spirit some time out, some space, to stop & think or just be.

Working around the body I am looking for areas that need support. I’m also looking to create a sense of space, of holding, to allow the body, mind or soul to release tension or to accept support.

If you are looking to make some changes in your life, or take some time to understand yourself better then maybe you want to try a Shiatsu.


Supporting Back Pain with Shiatsu

I have recently had a few clients with chronic back pain. It isn’t unusual for people to come for a Shiatsu treatment with sore lower backs or very tight shoulders but sometimes the issues are more complex & complicated.

In my experience physical work or injury alongside emotional turmoil can create weakness, which in itself creates stress & tension. The back begins to compensate, trying the support the area of weakness, a complex pattern then emerges. Clients seem often to only be aware of the tension, the tightness & not aware of the underlying weakness.

Generally a Shiatsu starts with gentle & quiet work, making a strong connection with the client & supporting the areas of weakness. There can be a big shift in the body’s energy with quiet work, it often isn’t the strong work, the tension releasing work that creates the biggest changes.

Sometimes the energy shifts the most when the areas of weakness & tension are worked together. Shiatsu can be a strong physical treatment when appropriate. When I have worked quite strongly on the areas of tightness I been told by clients that the pain & tension they were feeling has been released.

Shiatsu is about balancing the energy in the body & it can work well when balancing the different areas of a back, working the weak & the tension.

Shiatsu meets people how they want to be met. There is generally always an emotional attachment or reason for the discomfort. Shiatsu holds a client in a particular way, where it is safe to feel & to release emotions if needs be.

It is a joy to see clients with more movement than when they came in, with less pain & less emotional pain.


Shiatsu this September

I’m really excited about offering Shiatsu massage in Exwick, Exeter on every day of the week now.

I also have appointments available on Monday & Wednesday evenings & also some Saturdays.

I have been looking forward to this month for a good while. Both our children are now at school giving me a chance to focus more on my work & myself as an individual, as well as a mother.

Shiatsu is such a beautiful therapy to give & to receive & I’m looking forward to giving lots more now.

Shiatsu is quite subtle but is actually working on a deep level, bringing the body into balance & allowing a smooth flow in thoughts, emotions & physical movement.

The Shiatsu Shed, a wooden cabin in the garden, is buzzing with Shiatsu energy. I’m using it on an almost daily basis & it is more & more of a relaxing & tranquil place to be treated & supported.

I have spaces still available this month, plus clinics in Exmouth & Dawlish. If you’re interested in finding out more or booking an appointment call me on 07791 070837 or email me at


An Amazing Day of Shiatsu, Exeter, Devon

I’ve had such a great day giving lots of Shiatsu tasters at the St. Thomas Festival today.

The festival was super busy, buzzing with energy, lots of happy kids & strolling parents.

It is always a joy to give Shiatsu tasters. It is a chance to treat lots of different people & get the Shiatsu message out there.

It was a day of stiff necks & pulled muscles. It was great to see people leave after just a short Shiatsu with more mobility in their neck & shoulders or to have some relief from the pain in their muscles.

I had a great day & hope that the people I treated feel more relaxed & energised this evening.