Shiatsu this Autumn, Exeter, Devon

After a particularly strong, clear, focussed Fire energy this Summer we are now moving towards the late Summer early Autumn time, govern by the Earth energy. This is the time of year for ripeness, for harvesting sweet fruit & squash.

When in balance the Earth energy is pure nurture, it’s kindness to oneself & to others. It is eating healthily without craving. A joy of studying & taking on new ideas.

When out of balance the Earth energy can be self loathing, feeling insecure of one’s image, being overly attached to helping others, a lack or excess of appetite, an inability to take on the new, unclear thoughts, a tired mind & heavy limbs.

The time of year highlights if there is an imbalance in someone’s Earth energy. If you are feeling unmotivated, low minded or heavy in your body you may have an Earth imbalance.

There are things that we can do to support ourselves at this time of year.

  • Eat seasonally – naturally sweet fruit & vegetables feed our Earth energy
  • Cook slow – slowly cooked stews & naturally sweetened deserts are perfect for nurturing oneself
  • Take time out – get some ‘me-time’ – even if it is just an hour here or there.
  • Gentle walking or movement every day – to support the body’s circulation
  • Walk barefoot outside – even just for 5 minutes a day – get grounded & feel supported by the earth

And get some nurturing & supportive Shiatsu. Get the body’s energy moving gentle & smoothly around the body, the mind & emotions will follow. Allow yourself to stop & have someone else care for you, giving your body time to adjust to a new seasonal energy, to be able enjoy the abundance & harvest of this time of year.

I personally have an Earth imbalance. Being a mother & therapist I often hold a role of support, I am acutely aware of the affect this time of year has on my energy. As I write this I am convincing myself I must take my own advice, & I will. Very soon the new school year starts & I look forward to having a little time to support & nurture myself before getting stuck into a Autumn full of Shiatsu treatments.

Happy Earth energy to you all.


Shiatsu by Amy, Exeter, Devon

The count down to the end of the school summer holidays is very much on. I have no spaces left this week but after next Tuesday things change, both my boys are at school & I’ll have spaces most days of the week.

Why would you come to me for Shiatsu? Every therapist has their own vibe & way of working. This is a great thing about Shiatsu, although we all practice Shiatsu, each practitioner has their own feel & style. I hope that I create a welcoming environment, where you will feel heard & held. I have held a number of roles in my working life, they have all had some element of coaching, training or listening, I bring this to my practice. I have a natural want to nurture & support, I learnt this about myself when I became a parent. I love the quiet, gentle work that is involved in Shiatsu. I also love a good physical treatment myself, releasing tension, from the neck & shoulders particularly, so this is the treatment I am also happy to give.

I am going to be at the St. Thomas Festival this Saturday, it’s a really lovely community event just a little way from where I live & practice. I’m going to be offering Shiatsu taster sessions for just £5. This is an opportunity to experience what sort of therapist I am. The tasters are given on a massage chair, so different to on a futon mat on the floor, as Shiatsu often is. It’s still plenty of time to get a feel for how I work. In previous years I have been booked up pretty quickly so you may want to come over early & book a slot.


Shiatsu in Exwick, Exeter, Devon

We arrived home in the middle of the night, after our holiday. I was very pleased to be home but have to admit my heart sank as I remembered all the work & effort it takes to keep on top of the house, following the tornado that is my two sons.

The next morning I stepped out of the house, into the garden & through to the shed, which I use for Shiatsu & my husband uses for meditation teaching.

It was such a lovely, grounding feeling stepping into our work space. I felt so lucky to have such a peaceful place to practice.

Also it’s a space to step away from the chores & chaos of family life. It allows me to come back to an inner quiet, a stillness, that brings everything into perspective.

The shed is the perfect environment to relax & be treated in. I love giving Shiatsu in there. It is easy to be in a quiet & gentle space in a quiet & gentle environment.

I am finding that my practice is more confident & focussed, now I have a space that is mine. I am able to listen & follow what I pick him more quickly.

I have been treating lots of people who live in Exwick, which is a real pleasure. Some people can walk for a treatment, or it’s just a short drive, no need to rush into town. It feels very special to treat the people who live close by, & to support the community where I live.

September brings more opportunity for Shiatsu for me. Both my boys will be at school so I will be offering Shiatsu across the week.

I’m hoping to be giving lots more Shiatsu in the beautiful space we have created.


Back to Shiatsu, Exeter, Dawlish, Exmouth, Devon

Back from a great family holiday to Menorca. First proper break for a while, kids happy so as easy as it can be.

I’m in Exeter this week & have two spaces on Wednesday – at 11.40 & 1pm. I’m in Dawlish but full up, back there next month though.

Next week I have spaces on Wednesday in Exeter & I’m in Exmouth on the Friday.

Once we hit September it settles down a bit & I’ll be offering Shiatsu in Exeter on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Fridays I’ll be at my clinics in Exmouth & Dawlish with some weeks in Exeter.

Come & see if some of that tension love can be released, if those aches & pains can be eased or if Shiatsu can you give you a energy boost.

I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu so do get in touch with any questions.


Shiatsu Holidays, Exeter, Devon

So we are off for another couple of weeks on a family holiday, so no Shiatsu for a little bit.

I’m back offering Shiatsu in Exeter on Monday 20th August with a clinic in Exmouth on Friday 31st August.

I should be able to pick up emails quite regularly but I won’t be taking phone calls. If you have any queries do get in touch by email & I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy the next couple of weeks & see you on the other side.