Shiatsu in Exeter this week

So I am heading towards holiday season, I’ve taken some weeks off with the family. This week though the kids are still at school & I’m still offering Shiatsu in Exeter, Devon.

I have some spaces this week so thought it would be good to get them filled but to also offer £5 off any appointments booked before midday tomorrow.

I have appointments available on Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon & one in the evening on Wednesday. Any of these spaces can be booked for £5 off.

It has been a hot & full on Summer so far & this can take a toll on our core energy. I am noticing clients who are really pushing through to get things done. Treatments have been supportive & grounding this past week. Rebalancing the body to give a better flow of energy, raising the energy levels. Maybe this is you, it’s an hour well spent, having a Shiatsu to get you back in shape.

I’m acutely aware that a lot of people have their kids off school soon. Amazing to get to spend so much time together, but not much chance of a breather. So this week’s a great opportunity to get a supportive & relaxing Shiatsu in before it all starts.

Shiatsu is suitable for all & can help with physical issues, pain, emotional & mental concerns & distresses.

I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu so do get in touch through the’Contact Me’ page with any questions.

Have a good week


2 thoughts on “Shiatsu in Exeter this week

  1. Hi Amy. Do you have any appointments in Exeter on Thursday or Friday. When will you be starting back after your holiday?


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