Too hot for Shiatsu? Never! Exeter, Devon

I was at the Newton St. Cyres Revels today. A lovely village event just outside of Exeter.

The man on the stall next to me said he phone was telling him it was 30 degrees. If didn’t put off lots of people attending the event & I ended up giving a lot of Shiatsus.

As is nearly always the case I didn’t manage to get anyone to take photos of me actually giving Shiatsu but I did take some photos of my set up looking good in the beautiful sunshine.

I treated a whole number of different people, most who hadn’t even heard of Shiatsu. There were a number of people who would struggle to afford a full Shiatsu so what a great to be able to give them support & nurture.

I’ve got another event coming up next weekend over in Dawlish. Watch this space for more details.


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