Shiatsu and the energy of the air, Exeter, Devon

It has been a pretty wet week weather wise but I was lucky enough to pick a dry day to head up onto Dartmoor. What a different experience breathing in the air up there is. It is so fresh and crisp, you can almost taste it.

I enjoyed watching my sons whooping and yelling in the wind as they ran around on the grass and scrambled over the rocks. I could see the energy that they were getting just being up and out of generally polluted air. I took some big, deep breaths in myself. I open my arms and tried to fill my lungs as full as I could.

Air carries Qi (Energy.) This Qi affects the whole body but particularly the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians. If you are feeling low-minded or like your boundaries are being challenged, if you feel disorganised and fuzzy-headed then a good trick is to breathe! Ideally get up to high ground, away from air pollution generated by towns and cities. Take some breaths in, open your arms and let the air in.

It is such a simple thing right? Breathing in fresh air but it can have such a great affected on the body and the mind.

Another way to bring energy into the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians is to use specific exercises that stretch the pathway these Meridians take.

Take a deep breath in as you extend your arms behind you to a comfortable point. Breathe out as you bend forwards and raise your arms, again to a comfortable extent.

Whatever this weeks weather holds hopefully you can try out at least the stretch if not getting out for some serious fresh air. Breathe it in guys.


Shiatsu in the Thunder, Exeter, Devon

What a wet week. So much rain and a full-on thunder and lightening storm as well. I have a lovely, cosy, warm, relaxing wooden cabin in the garden, that I practice Shiatsu in. On Monday this week it was still cosy and warm despite the thunder and lightening right outside it. It was quite an experience, my client was totally relaxed about it, so that was helpful, but it was a little distracting at times.

It is so tough when it is un-seasonally cold and wet. I have been working a lot this week to get better flow of energy in my clients. To loosen up stagnation and open blocks, allowing the body to fall into it’s natural flow and rhythm. The aches and pains in people’s joints and backs have sneaked back and energy levels have dropped.

Bring on the sun and the warmth I say. Then our bodies can relax and enjoy the Summer energy, making the most of the longer days, socialising and watching our plans come into action.

I love that Shiatsu can warm the body from within. It can wake up the energy up and help you feel more like yourself again. Sleep becomes more balanced, energy through the day is more consistent and everything seems to fall into place.

I hope you are surviving the soggy, damp, weather and if you fancy some warmth and flow maybe try a Shiatsu….