Shiatsu Open Day, Exeter, Devon

I am holding an open day next Friday, 18th January, at my treatment space in Exwick Exeter. Taster sessions are available for just £10.

This is a great opportunity to try out this incredible hands-on therapy. It’s also a good opportunity to get some therapy for such an affordable cost, January is such a tight month for lots of us.

The sessions are half an hour, which is plenty of time to get an idea of what Shiatsu is like.

Details of the event can be found here.

Any questions do get in touch. My mobile mobile is 07791 070837 and my email is

Shiatsu in Exeter, Devon

Are you looking for something new to support your own healing, personal development and self care? Shiatsu may be the therapy you are looking for.

Shiatsu is a satifying hands-on treatment, that really gets into tension and stress in the body. It is great for loosening up shoulders and necks. It is also deeply relaxing.

Shiatsu also strengthens and supports weaknesses in the body. It can ease pain and help injuries heal well.

As we go through our lives are stresses and strains are taken on and held in by our bodies. Shiatsu can identify and release the emotional tensions and concerns we are holding. It can allow us to drop old habits and upsets. It can provide focus and determination, to help us acheive our goals.

Shiatsu is a supportive and nurtuting treatment that is tailored to each client and what they need. It can help support personal progress and development, along with easing physical and emotional symptoms.

I work in Exwick, Exeter every week. I also have occasional clinics in Dawlish and Exmouth.

You may want to like my Facebook page to keep up to date with events and offers.

For more information on Shiatsu you may like to visit the Shiatsu Society website.


Happy New Year

2019 is upon us and I hope it has started well for you all.

Let’s hope this year is a year full of happy times, lots of contentment, a bit of challenge and of course plenty of Shiatsu!

I’m back offering Shiatsu in Exeter. I am full this week but have spaces next week, both in the daytime and also some evening spaces.

I am back in Dawlish on Friday 18th and in Exmouth on Friday 25th.

Shiatsu is great for supporting personal drive and motivation. It can be the perfect support for this time of year.

Shiatsu is also good for building up the body’s energy and warming the kidneys, which will warm the rest.

Shiatsu can also help ease aches and pains, provide deep relaxation and healthy sleep patterns. It is deeply relaxing and can help with stress and anxiety.

So maybe Shiatsu is the way to kick your year off, to get started as you mean to go on. It is serious self care, some quality support and space from normal life.

Do get in touch if you’d like to book. My mobile is 07791 070837, my email is

Shiatsu and Solstice, Exeter, Devon

Here we are, deepest, darkest Winter. The day with the least light, a pivotal point of the year. A time to reflect and observe what has happened in the past year and a chance to plant seeds for the next.

Today I am officially on holiday and have finished offering Shiatsu for 2018. It feels a great day to bring this year’s work to an end, I have had a very fulfilling and enjoyable year offering this amazing hands on therapy.

I wish you all a very magical and joyful festive period and a very happy New Year.

I am back on January 2nd, I’m looking forward to offering lots more Shiatsu in 2019.

Blessings to you all xx

Shiatsu for the New Year

I know I’m talking about the New Year already and we haven’t made it through Christmas yet. I wanted to let you all know that I am back offering Shiatsu from Wednesday January 2nd.

In my experience Shiatsu is brilliant for support self motivation and drive, focus and determination. So if you feel you haven’t achieved as much as you would have liked this year, and you want to make some serious resolutions then maybe Shiatsu is the perfect therapy for you.

I only have two spaces left on Wednesday 2nd January and Friday 4th January but have more spaces available the following week.

Get a set of Shiatsu sessions booked in, grab yourself a discount if you book 6 or more at once. Use Shiatsu to support your natural rhythms but also boost your energy levels and personal drive.

Shiatsu is a very supportive and nurturing form of therapy. It also provides a deep level of relaxation, helping the body recover from daily life and providing an extra boost.

So if you feel up for a challenge but could do with a bit more focus, drive or energy then get in touch to book in.

This is such a great time of year for quiet and reflection. Have a very merry festive period, but remember to get some quiet time, so you can get a good idea of your goals and dreams for 2019.


Shiatsu for Christmas

If you are struggling for ideas for perfect Christmas presents then worry no more.

I offer gift vouchers for Shiatsu and Natural Face Lift Massage, both relaxing and nurturing.

Gift vouchers can be purchased for any denomination and I can send them electronically, or drop them through your door, if your within a reasonable distance.

Get in touch to arrange – 07791 070837