Shiatsu, Massage, Body-Work and Therapy, Exeter, Devon

So how does Shiatsu fit in as a therapy? Is it a massage? – Well a client once said ‘It’s not like any massage I’ve ever had.’ It does use massage techniques but is always given through clothes, which is an obvious difference to a lot of forms of massage. It is also given on a futon mat on the floor, although can be given on a couch or chair.

Is it a therapy? Although it isn’t a talking therapy, psycho-therapy or counselling it can release held emotions, traumas, stresses and strains from the body.

Is Shiatsu body-work? Most definitely and although it comes at things from a different angle to physiotherapy or sports massage, for instance, it can still help ease pain and increase mobility.

Is Shiatsu energy work? Although it is different to Reiki and other forms of healing it can still help build the levels of energy in the body. Shiatsu can help with the balance of mind and body and spirit.

So what is it? It is an unique form of hands-on therapy that can provide balance in the body. Whether the clients concerns are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or a bit of all of them, Shiatsu has the ability to re-balance the energy and ease the symptoms. It can be good for aches and pains, for stress and anxiety, for sleep and relaxation.

It is a pretty physical form on therapy, with some great stretches and rotations. Obviously it is only as physical as appropriate for each client. It is a little like Thai or Yoga massage but looks to work the Meridians, lines of energy, that Acupuncture and Acupressure use.

Maybe you have tried various forms of massage and other therapies, Acupuncture, Reflexology for instance. If what you have tried hasn’t scratched your itch as it were, then you may want to try a session on Shiatsu with me.

I am personally interested in providing a space for my clients that is safe, in which they can feel and express in anyway they feel they want to. Clients have their own stories and journeys and generally want to move on, away from physical issues or leaving behind past habits or upsets. I hope to support them to do this by bringing their attention to their bodies, where and how is the body holding trauma and what touch provides relief or release.

I work in Exwick, in Exeter, just behind Exeter St. David’s train station. I offer appointments on most days of the week and I have evening appointments available. I also have pop-up clinics in Exmouth and Dawlish.

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Shiatsu for Mother’s Day, Exeter, Devon

I would love some time-out, some nurture and some relaxation as a Mother’s Day present. (She says clicking her neck from side to side as she types!) Life seems to be so busy and stopping seems a privilege not a certainty.

What a special gift to give a satisfying and tension-releasing Shiatsu as a present. A thank you for all the support and love. An hour where there are no expectations or demands, where someone is actually looking after you!

I offer gift vouchers, which I can post out, post through letter boxes or send electronically.

Shiatsu is suitable for all. It is always given through clothes which can allow more of a sense of ease than a traditional massage. It is given on the futon mat on the floor but can be given on a couch or chair if needs be.

Shiatsu promotes relaxation and can ease stress, it can help with sleep issues. As it is tailored for each individual it can be a super satisfying treatment, finding just the place that needs to be found.

I work in Exwick, close to the town and train station in Exeter. I have a warm and cosy wooden cabin that I practice in. Easy parking outside allows for even more relaxation.

I work Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays and have evening appointments available as well as the day time appointments.

Do get in touch to arrange a gift voucher. Either call on 07791 070837 or otherwise email me

Shiatsu for Babies and Children, Exeter, Devon

I have been working with a couple of mothers and their babies recently. It is a joy to support and nurture tired mums and a great pleasure to treat their babies too.

Children and babies are very responsive to treatment, they haven’t had years to build up chronic tension like the rest of us. They do, however, have stresses and strains that Shiatsu can help ease.

There is so much development that happens in childhood, particularly babyhood. Generally this development happens with ease but sometimes the baby, or child, needs a little help. Maybe teething is difficult or digestion isn’t happening as easily as it could.

Shiatsu is a gentle treatment and can be quite productive in a short period of time. The babies I have treated have responded really positively. They are more settled, calmer and have better digestion and less signs of distress.

I have also found that Shiatsu has helped in many ways with my boys. I have used it to promote relaxation and calmness but also for stomach ache, constipation, growing pains, earaches, dizziness, travel sickness and many other things.

If you are interested in having Shiatsu for yourself and your children, or you feel your child or children would benefit from a session then do get in touch. A session doesn’t need to be a full hour and pricing is relative to the time required.


Shiatsu for Back Pain, Exeter, Devon

Recently I have had a number of clients with serious back issues and I’ve also had some difficulty with my own back.

There is nothing like being in pain, it is physically and mentally draining and can leave people feeling very isolated. I love that Shiatsu has the ability to ease pain levels and also offer emotional support to those in pain.

Often when the issue at it’s most acute there are small things that a client can do to support their own healing.

Keeping the back warm is essential. Particularly keeping the areas where the Kidneys are well protected. A hot water bottle in the evening. on the kidney area of the back, at the bottom of the ribs on each side, is ideal.

Resting when possible is also essential. The two main Meridians (lines of energy) that run through the back relate to tiredness and rest. Too much exercise is not going to help.

Breathing deep into the area of pain, through it an to the base of the spine. Using Meditations that visualise healing in the spine and areas of pain can also help.

Once the condition has began to strengthen – this may take just a few Shiatsu treatments or may take more, considering the extent of the issue – then other exercises can begin to be used.

Back issues are generated by all number of issues, injury, accident, work, stress, emotional issues. My personal issue is pushing too much, to get too much done, on top of a busy Shiatsu practice. I have decided it is time to get more into shape, on top of a busy family and work life. Funnily enough my back as said ‘slow up!’

I am resting when possible, I am using visual meditation, I am using gentle stretches and exercises and I am listening to my body. The major change is an acceptance of how my body is, where it’s limitations are and letting go of negative self-beliefs that I believe are at the core of the issue.

I am also getting treatments, as it’s not possible, always, to heal ourselves just on our own. It’s important to know when to ask for help. These treatments are providing me with the moral and emotional support I need to continue to ease my discomfort.

Look my back isn’t that bad at all really – just the result of a few busy weeks – but it has helped me to begin to understand how difficult it is to live with chronic pain -and how great it is to find a place of healing and support.

I really enjoy providing a held therapeutic space, where healing and change can take place. If you are reading this and thinking ‘yes it’s time for some change’ then maybe come and try a Shiatsu with me.

Off to fill up the hot water bottle now – here’s to a deeply restful night to you all. xx

Shiatsu and Posture, Exeter, Devon

I have a lot of conversations about posture, a lot of people feel that their issue or concern stems from having bad posture.

Well this can be true. Standing in an unbalanced way or leaning over for long periods can leave our bodies ouy of shape.

However I’m always more interested in the reason why a body is out of balance. Bad posture is often a symptom rather than the cause.

It isn’t generally something that has just happened. It may be traced back to the job a person has done, very physical or bent over a computer. It may be they are very tall so have become used to bending. It could be there was an injury or accident in their history.

The reason for poor posture could be emotional, our bodies take on our mental strains as well as our physical. Sometimes the poor posture can be traced back to a stressful or sad time for the person.

The bad posture can then exacerbate an underlying issue. It can cause further issues across the body.

When considering bad posture, from a Shiatsu point of view, it can be looked at simply as an energetic imbalance. What Meridians, lines of energy, run through the areas of the body that are out of line? Are those Meridians too full of energy; tight, tense, rigid, bent? Are the Meridians low of energy; weak, loose, crumpled?

Shiatsu looks to balance the energy in the body. It can strengthen the weak areas and loosen the tight areas. When the body is in balance symptoms can ease.

Often clients want to understand what has effected their body. They may only look at this in an anatomical or physiological way. Sometimes it needs to be looked at on an emotional and energetic way.

This is one of the things that makes Shiatsu such an unique form of therapy.

If you are concerned about your posture you may want to try Shiatsu. Within a few sessions you should start to see some changes. I can often give exercise and lifestyle advice to help you continue the healing process yourself at home.

If you are interested in discussing or booking do give me a call on 07791 070837. My email address is


Shiatsu Video, Exeter, Devon

A very interesting video abouy Shiatsu – take a look

I found the way that Shiatsu is being used alongsise conventional medicine inspiring.

I also loved the way Shiatsu, and the Shiatsu connection, os described.

The best bit was the benefits that the patients found aftet having Shiatsu. I struggled to clearly describe this form of hands-on therapy and love to hear people took from their own experience.

So take a look yourself for an idea of what it’s all about.


Sun and Shiatsu, Exeter, Devon

Sitting in the sun looking for inspiration for today’s blog I realised a couple of things.

The energy at the moment, be it bright and light, has a strong connection to the earth, a sense of grounding, a sense of feeling supported.

I am really enjoying this natural grounded feeling. I generally need to work hard to feel at this so this is a pleasant change for me. How about you?

I have found it the perfect energy for quiet meditation and reflection, for connecting to nature and for leaving my head and thoughts behind and listening to my intuition. Also hard foe ne normally! I have found it easier to sit in the present and be grateful for what I have.

To me this is an extra special present from nature, who knows what the next couple of months or the rest of the year will be like. What a pleasure to have such light and warmth, even for a short while.

I have also enjoyed stretching, which is a serious Spring energy form of exercise. There is some movement and motivation generated by this energy that is really easy to harness.

Look I saw people in shorts and t-shirts at the supermarket and a friend was talking about planting out her seedlings. Let’s not get carried away. It feels like there is still the quiet, inward energy of Winter around – but pleasantly balanced with the upward, outward Spring energy.

As far as I understand the ‘fake Spring’ disappears tomorrow but I’m hoping my practice stays. I am so enjoying feeling comfortable in my own quiet, whilst waking my body slowly from its Winter slumber with a good amont of yoga and stretching.

I am enjoying my Shiatsu practice too. There is more energy to play with. Everyone retreats and retracts in the Winter, they need boosting up. The Spring brings more movement and flow of energy. The work seems to still be pretty transformational, following from big shifts that started last year. Clients are leaving behind old habits and actions and are steping forward. They are really feeling their hurt and pain but are happy to do so, understanding they have to to move on.

I say make hay whilst the sun shines, make the most of these special few days. But get ready to hanker down again as that Winter energy is still around and hasn’t funished with us yet!


Shiatsu in the Spring, Exeter, Devon

Having had a great family time over the last week, what great weather for half term, I am back offering Shiatsu.

Boy has Spring started springing. The Spring energy is upwars and out, like the bulbs pushing up and through the earth.

When in balance this energy allows us to use our creativity, to conjure up plans and ideas. It allows us to be adaptable and flexible, physically and mentally.

When out of balance the Spring energy can make us feel like we are stuck in a rut, like we’ve got no options. We can feel tight and inflexible, quick to anger or frustration.

Spring loves a good stretch, like waking from sleep, after the cold Winter warming the body. So gentle does it but some yoga or simple stretches can help the body get in tune with the season.

Spring is the time for ideas and planning, fruition and flowering comes later. So it’s not time to do too much, more time to plan what you’d like to acheive.

I offer Shiatsu on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with some evening appointments available.

I work in Exwick, Exeter and have clinics in Exmouth and Dawlish.