Shiatsu Easter Treats, Exeter, Devon

Easter is so nearly upon us & it often comes with a lot of busy times, a pinch of stress & too much chocolate.  So how about finding some time for a relaxing, energising Shiatsu -to help you prepare for the weekend, or to help you recover from it – or give you a boost to get through the holidays.

Due to cancellations & a change of plans I have some spaces still available this week, in Exeter.  As an Easter treat these sessions come at £5 off – £35 rather than £40 – for some serious ‘me-time.’  The spaces I have available for £35 are at 9.45 & 11 on Tuesday 27th & 9.30 on Wednesday 28th.

It’s so important to look after ourselves & our health, so that we can support those around us.  A session of Shiatsu can set you up to deal with whatever gets thrown at you. It is gentle but powerful & can have a profound effect, sometimes quickly.

After Easter I have spaces available on Wednesday 4th April.  So maybe this is the perfect time to get a boost ready for the second week of the kids holidays!?

Have a great Easter everyone.


Shiatsu for Easter, Forget the Eggs! Exeter, Dawlish, Exmouth, Devon

Easter seems to have crept up quickly this year, what with the unseasonably cold weather & the regular snow days.  I don’t know about you but for us Easter is fairly busy, particularly if you include the two weeks of school holidays.  We have lots of catching up with family & various trips & activities planned.

If you are in a similar situation it may be a good idea to grab yourself a Shiatsu – either in preparation for the break or as a breather in the midst of it all.  Shiatsu is serious down time, a space for you & just you.  There are no expectations or demands, it’s easy you simply have to lie & rest. It is a very relaxing form of therapy.

Shiatsu is also energising, it can really help with energy levels & when that happens everything seems to be a little easier. Rather than feeling like you are pushing through treacle to get a mammoth list of jobs done you can start knocking those Easter jobs off.

Shiatsu has also been shown to help with stress & anxiety & maybe you are feeling some of this is coming your way over Easter, or that you are prone to anxious bouts. Shiatsu can ease the body, mind & spirit.  It is a very supportive treatment, allowing the tension to release.

I have appointments still available before Easter in Exeter.  I work in a solid wood cabin in my garden, which I have fondly nicknamed the ‘Shiatsu Shed.’ It is a perfect haven for a peaceful & relaxing Shiatsu, but close to the city centre & train station & easy parking.

The week following the Easter weekend I have appointments in Exeter & Dawlish.  I love working with a group of other therapists down in Dawlish, in a space called The Studio.  The space is right next to a carpark & a very short walk from the town centre or the train station.

If you can’t find the time in the next two weeks then maybe book in for after the madness! I have spaces in Exeter, Dawlish & Exmouth in the last two weeks of April, after the school holidays.

I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu so do get in touch through the ‘Contact Me’ page with any queries.


Happy Easter – family – Shiatsu – chocolate

Hope you have all had good day. Whatever your religious belief’s a day when no shops are open, life is slow & most people are with their families is a good day, right? 

I spent today in sunny Hampshire with my sons & husband, his mum, brother, sister & brother in law & their kids. The happiest part of the day was watching the cousins enjoying themselves together, content, gang-like & getting along beautifully. 

I also spent some of the day giving Shiatsu massage to my poor mother in law, who was trying to enjoy Easter with Sciatic pain. I gave her Shiatsu in the morning, before lunch & just before we left to come home. It was a short session each time which was enough for her. It reminded me that sometimes it is good to have a number of short sessions close together, to help treat specific issues. I have had different agreements with different clients so that I can support their needs. 

Each Shiatsu massage helped my mother in law & she was able to get through the day without the distress of the unpleasant pain Sciatica causes. I also showed her some exercises that may help her & there was some discussion, around the dinner table, regarding what the best stretches for Sciatica are. Stretching can be brilliant for Sciatica but also it is important to be careful, listen to your body & not stretch too far. Stretches that are back twists, with legs pulled up can really help as can back-arching stretches. I am always happy to advise on stretches & other life style support at the end of a session. 

At the end of a happy family day we also had a really easy journey back to Devon. It’s lovely to be back in Exeter, in our own home & I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. I am glad that the chocolate gorging is over, mostly my sons still have a bit to work through. I’m sad that we don’t live nearer to the family. I’m happy that yet again I mixed my daily life with a little Shiatsu. 

Shiatsu, holidays & sunshine 

So officially I’m on holiday, as of yesterday, but in this world of technology & the need to keep an online presence here I am on my blog! Actually I enjoy blogging, I love looking at life through ‘Shiatsu-tinted’ glasses, taking daily lessons from it & trying to be more present to what is taking place around me.  

I have used Shiatsu on myself over the last couple of days, as I woke with a stiff neck a couple of morning’s ago, thanks to a restless & unsettled child sleeping in bed with me. Better to sleep in an awkward position than risk him waking again, one of the many delights of parenthood.  

I also regularly use the principles of stillness & breathing deeply into the abdomen, or hat a as Shiatsu calls it.  This school holiday has been good so far, plenty of sunshine so easy to get outside & give the kids lots of exercise. There haven’t been many meltdowns or stressful moments. There has been some bickering over who should have what & who has the best, whether that’s a toy, some food, or which of mummy’s hands is best to hold. At these moments I am often, not always, able to still myself, take a moment & then step back into the discussion. I hope this helps the kids to, allowing them to see a way to handle their own stress.

I really enjoy giving Shiatsu & will miss not giving treatments this week. I am looking forward to a week of family time, lots of fresh air & some quiet moments too hopefully! I hope it’s sunny where you are & that you have a good week, with fun, laughter & some quiet too! 

A Productive Day 

No Shiatsu related business took place today, however it has been a joy-filled, productive day, although on the surface of it not much happened! The day was helped, quite a lot, by the most glorious weather. Everything’s easier when there is a  clear sky & the warm sun. 

It’s the Easter holidays so both boys woke happy & energetic this morning. We went out early & bought two Venus Fly Trap’s, as my eldest had read about them & has waited over the winter to get one. The plants are domant until the warmer weather, hence the delay. Of course the youngest had to have one to. There was then a discussion about how to make sure we knew which plant belonged to which boy. Pots were purchased & decorated & by 10am the plants were in place, waiting for a fly or two.

The boys then seemed content in the garden so I began digging a flower bed, we are havjng a Shiatsu shed built so lots of plants need to be moved. I thought I would be rushing this job at the last minute, almost whilst the shed was being delivered!  Actually the boys being content gave me space to do this essential job, & gain enjoyment from doing it. 

Lunch was a lazy, snacky affair, often the best type of meals. The boys ate the good stuff & had a bit of sweet stuff in reward. This brought us to the subject of Easter eggs & how long it was until Easter & said chocolate eggs.  I love decorating for Christmas & Easter & Birthdays & I realised this hadn’t happened yet. After lunch we all tidied up, out came the decs & up they went.

In one day Easter arrived & a whole new flower bed was dug, composted & planted. A good day’s work, & acheived with ease. We have been so busy this last few days & a quiet, home day, gave us rest & allowed us to settle a bit. The boy’s didn’t even ask to go out & I enjoyed them pottering & playing contentedly. It reminded me that quiet days & rest are important, also taking care of your environment can feel satisfying & cleansing. We start a run of busy days again tomorrow but I reckon we will cope well thanks to our rest. 

Shiatsu news

A few bits & pieces going on at the moment for me, Shiatsu-wise.

As it’s the school Easter holidays I am having a week off Shiatsu next week. Back the week after Easter – the Wednesday is the 19th April 
Then the following weekend I’ll be at North Devon Mind, Body, Spirit Festival – giving Shiatsu massage for just £15

I’m also going to be offering Shiatsu at Exeter Respect Festival, with some colleagues. Again this will be low cost sessions, so as many people can try it out as possible.

There are other events coming up later in the year too, details later.

The other news is that I will be moving from my current practice room, as we are building a Shiatsu space in our garden. A lovely timber structure, warm, dry & quiet. I can’t give a date for this move, as these projects tend to take longer than you would hope. Watch this space though & I will update as we progress.

Lots of Shiatsu things to look forward to this year xx

Small things 

It’s the first day of the Easter holidays, down here in Exeter, Devon. We took our sons to a wood, which had an Easter trail to follow. There was no prize but stamps as we wentcto punch hipoles in their trail guides.We had a great time & I was reminded of the joy you can get from small things. Our boys walked slowly, they chatted to us about whatever they wanted. They enjoyed the gorse flower smell, like coconut, they sat quietly in the bird hides for long periods. They loved finding the stamps in the trail & the muddy puddles to splash in & the stoney slopes to run down. 

I watched them sauntering & winding their way, stopping whenever they fancied, enjoying the beauty & nature of the woods around them. They just seemed happy & relaxed. It helped me be in the moment too, to take in the fresh air, to watch the birds, to listen to the noises of the woods. There is so much to be said about making the most of the small stuff, being in the moment . Also enjoying nature & the natural world. It was a special family day, even though it was just a trip to the woods. I’m hoping there is a lot more to come this holiday.

Shiatsu massage can bring you back into yourself, it can slow you down & help you reconnect to where you are & what is important to you. If you are interested in finding out more then do get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page. 

Easter is coming – Shiatsu is having a break

Easter will be on us before we know it now. I found these Easter dudes in a charity shop today & decided I didn’t need to put them away for a week so they joined all the flowers I received for Mother’s Day on our mantel piece. It has been a tough school term for us, our first year of school & we are still building the stamina it takes for the whole family to make it through each term! I have decided to take a week’s holiday on the week running up to the Easter weekend. So no Shiatsu week commencing 10th April & back Tuesday 18th April. 

We are going to spend the week visiting family. So although I am not offering Shiatsu here in Exeter one of my family members will probably ask for a quick treatment – it’s so often the case. We are so well supported by our families it’s actually the least I can do.

If you would like to know more about Shiatsu or would like to book a massage before I go on holiday then get in touch through the contact me page.