Happy Easter – family – Shiatsu – chocolate

Hope you have all had good day. Whatever your religious belief’s a day when no shops are open, life is slow & most people are with their families is a good day, right? 

I spent today in sunny Hampshire with my sons & husband, his mum, brother, sister & brother in law & their kids. The happiest part of the day was watching the cousins enjoying themselves together, content, gang-like & getting along beautifully. 

I also spent some of the day giving Shiatsu massage to my poor mother in law, who was trying to enjoy Easter with Sciatic pain. I gave her Shiatsu in the morning, before lunch & just before we left to come home. It was a short session each time which was enough for her. It reminded me that sometimes it is good to have a number of short sessions close together, to help treat specific issues. I have had different agreements with different clients so that I can support their needs. 

Each Shiatsu massage helped my mother in law & she was able to get through the day without the distress of the unpleasant pain Sciatica causes. I also showed her some exercises that may help her & there was some discussion, around the dinner table, regarding what the best stretches for Sciatica are. Stretching can be brilliant for Sciatica but also it is important to be careful, listen to your body & not stretch too far. Stretches that are back twists, with legs pulled up can really help as can back-arching stretches. I am always happy to advise on stretches & other life style support at the end of a session. 

At the end of a happy family day we also had a really easy journey back to Devon. It’s lovely to be back in Exeter, in our own home & I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. I am glad that the chocolate gorging is over, mostly my sons still have a bit to work through. I’m sad that we don’t live nearer to the family. I’m happy that yet again I mixed my daily life with a little Shiatsu. 

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