Shiatsu massage for Sciatica 

I have been reminded today of how helpful Shiatsu can be for the treatment of Sciatica. My poor mother in law has been suffering with it, whilst we have been staying with her. She has been trying to cater for & enjoy her large family whilst dealing with the dreadful pain that Siatica creates. 

She was so bad after supper that she couldn’t keep still & was almost hopping around. So I offered to see if I could feel what the issue was & maybe help. We were washing up at the time, she didn’t sit down or lie down, I simply touched her sacrum whilst she stood. It was obvious that her sciatic nerve was inflamed so I moved her hip a little, just for a couple of minutes. She began to move around again & immediately felt some relief, she could stand still, without moving constantly to try & ease the pain. 

Sciatica is a nasty complaint, the pain is often sharp & extreme & it is hard to find relief. I have had a good number people come for Shiatsu because they are experiencing Sciatica or some form of pain in their back or hips that also carries down into the leg.

Regarding my mother in law it is the least I can do for her, she is hosting Easter, feeding & looking after us all so well. She is vety active & social & when she gets Sciatica it really affects her. If you are suffering from Sciatica & would like to know more then do get in touch at or have a look at my Facebook page. 

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