Shiatsu Massage this Saturday & Sunday – North Devon

It’s nearly time for me to be heading up to the north of this beautiful county, to be an exhibitor at the North Devon Mind, Body, Soul Festival.  It was such a joy to give lots of Shiatsu taster sessions there last year so I can’t wait to do it again this year.

To me it felt like a very special event, there are simply loads of exhibitors & an incredible buzz about the place. It was such a welcoming, open & positive event & i would say well worth a trip.

It’s on Saturday & Sunday, 10am till 4pm.  Shiatsu taster sessions are 30 minutes long & £20. For information on the the event or to book in advance head to the Big Sheep Website

Maybe I’ll see some of you there, to get a first taste of Shiatsu or to get a really cheap but pretty long treatment.  If you would like to know more about Shiatsu or me have a look at my ‘About Shiatsu’ page or my ‘About Me’ page. I also have a Facebook page, which you can like to hear about events & offers.

Have a good weekend whatever you plans.


Shiatsu Easter Treats, Exeter, Devon

Easter is so nearly upon us & it often comes with a lot of busy times, a pinch of stress & too much chocolate.  So how about finding some time for a relaxing, energising Shiatsu -to help you prepare for the weekend, or to help you recover from it – or give you a boost to get through the holidays.

Due to cancellations & a change of plans I have some spaces still available this week, in Exeter.  As an Easter treat these sessions come at £5 off – £35 rather than £40 – for some serious ‘me-time.’  The spaces I have available for £35 are at 9.45 & 11 on Tuesday 27th & 9.30 on Wednesday 28th.

It’s so important to look after ourselves & our health, so that we can support those around us.  A session of Shiatsu can set you up to deal with whatever gets thrown at you. It is gentle but powerful & can have a profound effect, sometimes quickly.

After Easter I have spaces available on Wednesday 4th April.  So maybe this is the perfect time to get a boost ready for the second week of the kids holidays!?

Have a great Easter everyone.


Shiatsu for Easter, Forget the Eggs! Exeter, Dawlish, Exmouth, Devon

Easter seems to have crept up quickly this year, what with the unseasonably cold weather & the regular snow days.  I don’t know about you but for us Easter is fairly busy, particularly if you include the two weeks of school holidays.  We have lots of catching up with family & various trips & activities planned.

If you are in a similar situation it may be a good idea to grab yourself a Shiatsu – either in preparation for the break or as a breather in the midst of it all.  Shiatsu is serious down time, a space for you & just you.  There are no expectations or demands, it’s easy you simply have to lie & rest. It is a very relaxing form of therapy.

Shiatsu is also energising, it can really help with energy levels & when that happens everything seems to be a little easier. Rather than feeling like you are pushing through treacle to get a mammoth list of jobs done you can start knocking those Easter jobs off.

Shiatsu has also been shown to help with stress & anxiety & maybe you are feeling some of this is coming your way over Easter, or that you are prone to anxious bouts. Shiatsu can ease the body, mind & spirit.  It is a very supportive treatment, allowing the tension to release.

I have appointments still available before Easter in Exeter.  I work in a solid wood cabin in my garden, which I have fondly nicknamed the ‘Shiatsu Shed.’ It is a perfect haven for a peaceful & relaxing Shiatsu, but close to the city centre & train station & easy parking.

The week following the Easter weekend I have appointments in Exeter & Dawlish.  I love working with a group of other therapists down in Dawlish, in a space called The Studio.  The space is right next to a carpark & a very short walk from the town centre or the train station.

If you can’t find the time in the next two weeks then maybe book in for after the madness! I have spaces in Exeter, Dawlish & Exmouth in the last two weeks of April, after the school holidays.

I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu so do get in touch through the ‘Contact Me’ page with any queries.


Shiatsu Musings – Exeter, Devon

So I have struggled to get to this blog over the last week. I was busy giving lots of Shiatsu at the weekend. One of the principles of Shiatsu massage is to be effortless, to not work at giving the treatment. However doing numerous massages over two days made this difficult & I was tired afterwards.  

Then I returned back to Exeter to my children, this was the first time I had been away from them over night. My eldest took it in his stride but my youngest struggled & for a couple of days he really made me know that he had missed me! Following that he has now got ill & I was up all night with him, with earache.

In amongst this I have managed to update my Shiatsu accounts, ready to do the dreaded tax return. I have arranged a couple of new Shiatsu opportunities & have seen new clients. I do enjoy working for myself & mixing my work & home life so closely but it has meant I’m not left with much energy at the end of the day. 

I have been doing Do-In every morning, waking each of the meridians, lines of energy, that Shiatsu works on in the massage. Taking time to wake up my joints & limbs, focussing on each part of my body.  Rubbing & gentle hitting the meridian lines. Stretching & rotating my joints. This has helped re-build my energy after the busy weekend. 

I have used Shiatsu to support my own digestion. I have had issues with this in the past & generally I am ok now. I ate different things at different times this weekend & this has left me in some discomfort. Shiatsu can be really good for digestive issues, for reflux or heart-burn, for IBS or constipation. I have worked specific points, or Tsubos, & have relieved the symptoms I had. 

So a busy Shiatsu week down here is sunny but freezing cold Exeter, Devon.  Even when I’m busy I still have time to chat Shiatsu so if you would liek to know if Shiatsu may help support you then do get in touch. you can do this thriugh the ‘contact me’ page. You can also check out & like my Facebook page for offers & events. You can also head to the Shiatsu Society website for information on Shiatsu massage. 


Shiatsu all weekend long!

I’ve just enjoyed a really happy & satisfying weekend giving Shiatsu treatments at the North Devon Mind Body Soul festival. The event is much bigger than you might imagine with over 60 exhibitors & a great mix of services on offer. It was a really friendly atmosphere, with lots of chat, laughter & networking. 

For me the amount of Shiatsu massages I gave was perfect, not too many & not too few. It was a great mix of clients & I felt  a strong sense of connection with them all. I already signed up to attend next year I enjoyed it so much!


Motivating & Energizing Shiatsu – Exeter, Devon 

There’s nothing like going back to work, after having some time off, to make you evaluate how you feel about the way in which you make your living. Sure they’ll be some people actively looking forward to getting back into the swing of things at work, but I imagine there will be a lot of people this evening not feeling so keen. It’s the dreaded ‘Sunday night’ feeling, apprehension of the week ahead, stealing yourself for the trials you know you are giving to have to face. 

It is really easy to fall into a routine to make the money to pay the bill’s, before you know it you’re in a rhythm you never planned for yourself & you’re not sure how to get out of it. Some people are able to make changes in their lives without help but a lot of us need some support. 

Shiatsu massage isn’t just for relaxation or a treat for yourself, it can be a motivating & invigorating experience. There is a chance for the client to express how they are feeling in a verbal consultation to begin with & this can start to get the ball rolling, it’s clear what aspects of their life or life style the client is keen to work on. The massage can then allow the client to understand how & where they are holding their frustrations or disappointments & can help the client give these away. A sense of relief can be felt along with a feeling of release & more energy & fluidity in the body. 

I have had a number of clients come for Shiatsu with me because they feel ‘stuck in a rut’ or they can’t see what options they have. Some clients express a lack of energy or a lose of will, meaning they can’t drive themselves forward. Some clients have been in a situation they are not happy in & have been looking for support, or counselling, to help them work through their emotions. Shiatsu can be a very supportive therapy, with a mix of verbal discussion & touch, which can put clients at ease & may produce surprising results, exposing unexpected emotions & helping the client make great steps forward. 

If you are one of the people not so keen on returning to work tomorrow then maybe you’d like to discuss if Shiatsu massage maybe the support you are looking for. I work in Exeter, Devon & am always happy to talk Shiatsu – you can get in touch through my ‘contact me’ page or at 

Crazy Shiatsu this week!

After a week’s holiday I’m back giving Shiatsu & what a week of Shiatsu massage I have. Shiatsu treatments all booked up, plus one booked for myself too. It is all too easy to forget to look after yourself & I had the foresight that I would need a Shiatsu myself this week, I’m so looking forward to putting myself in someone else’s hands & reminding myself how it feels to have Shiatsu rather than give it! It helps when I am giving a treatment, to be aware of how it feels to receive it. 

Then this weekend, & the main reason I need a Shiatsu myself this week, I am offering taster sessions of Shiatsu for just £15 all day Saturday & Sunday. There are some sessions already booked up but still spaces available. You can pre-book a Shiatsu massage here. Let anyone you think might be interested know & maybe I’ll see some of you there. 

Happy Easter – family – Shiatsu – chocolate

Hope you have all had good day. Whatever your religious belief’s a day when no shops are open, life is slow & most people are with their families is a good day, right? 

I spent today in sunny Hampshire with my sons & husband, his mum, brother, sister & brother in law & their kids. The happiest part of the day was watching the cousins enjoying themselves together, content, gang-like & getting along beautifully. 

I also spent some of the day giving Shiatsu massage to my poor mother in law, who was trying to enjoy Easter with Sciatic pain. I gave her Shiatsu in the morning, before lunch & just before we left to come home. It was a short session each time which was enough for her. It reminded me that sometimes it is good to have a number of short sessions close together, to help treat specific issues. I have had different agreements with different clients so that I can support their needs. 

Each Shiatsu massage helped my mother in law & she was able to get through the day without the distress of the unpleasant pain Sciatica causes. I also showed her some exercises that may help her & there was some discussion, around the dinner table, regarding what the best stretches for Sciatica are. Stretching can be brilliant for Sciatica but also it is important to be careful, listen to your body & not stretch too far. Stretches that are back twists, with legs pulled up can really help as can back-arching stretches. I am always happy to advise on stretches & other life style support at the end of a session. 

At the end of a happy family day we also had a really easy journey back to Devon. It’s lovely to be back in Exeter, in our own home & I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. I am glad that the chocolate gorging is over, mostly my sons still have a bit to work through. I’m sad that we don’t live nearer to the family. I’m happy that yet again I mixed my daily life with a little Shiatsu.