Motivating & Energizing Shiatsu – Exeter, Devon 

There’s nothing like going back to work, after having some time off, to make you evaluate how you feel about the way in which you make your living. Sure they’ll be some people actively looking forward to getting back into the swing of things at work, but I imagine there will be a lot of people this evening not feeling so keen. It’s the dreaded ‘Sunday night’ feeling, apprehension of the week ahead, stealing yourself for the trials you know you are giving to have to face. 

It is really easy to fall into a routine to make the money to pay the bill’s, before you know it you’re in a rhythm you never planned for yourself & you’re not sure how to get out of it. Some people are able to make changes in their lives without help but a lot of us need some support. 

Shiatsu massage isn’t just for relaxation or a treat for yourself, it can be a motivating & invigorating experience. There is a chance for the client to express how they are feeling in a verbal consultation to begin with & this can start to get the ball rolling, it’s clear what aspects of their life or life style the client is keen to work on. The massage can then allow the client to understand how & where they are holding their frustrations or disappointments & can help the client give these away. A sense of relief can be felt along with a feeling of release & more energy & fluidity in the body. 

I have had a number of clients come for Shiatsu with me because they feel ‘stuck in a rut’ or they can’t see what options they have. Some clients express a lack of energy or a lose of will, meaning they can’t drive themselves forward. Some clients have been in a situation they are not happy in & have been looking for support, or counselling, to help them work through their emotions. Shiatsu can be a very supportive therapy, with a mix of verbal discussion & touch, which can put clients at ease & may produce surprising results, exposing unexpected emotions & helping the client make great steps forward. 

If you are one of the people not so keen on returning to work tomorrow then maybe you’d like to discuss if Shiatsu massage maybe the support you are looking for. I work in Exeter, Devon & am always happy to talk Shiatsu – you can get in touch through my ‘contact me’ page or at 

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