Shiatsu massage for chronic pain – Exeter, Devon

I have had a number of people come to me because they are experiencing chronic pain. It is unbelievable how people cope & function for years or even decades, being in terrible or extreme pain. Generally clients have tried drugs & decided to cut them out or drop the dosage considerably. They have often tried a number of different therapies before they come to Shiatsu. 

It seems, from what I have experienced from my clients, that chronic pain begins to affect all aspects of a life. It can become depressing, it can affect the way the person sees everything, it can make the person an introvert & can seriously damage their ability to communicate. Clients have said the pain can take up part of their thinking space, it seems to affect their memory & concentration. More obviously it can affect their physical ability, their ability to work or get around. 

I have had some success with Shiatsu massage in relieving the pain, for some time after a treatment. Clients have also felt a mental weight lifting & a lightness that has allowed them to feel more positive about their situation. They have mentioned that they have then been able to make changes in their lives, which have helped their pain levels. 

Chronic pain seems such a mentally tough thing to deal with. Shiatsu seems to have given support to the clients, allowing them to feel supported & stronger. Shiatsu has been able to lessen the pain considerably or completely for periods of time. Regular body work seems to be the key here, whether Shiatsu or something else, regular treatments help keep the condition in check.

If you would be interested in finding out more head to the pages on this site or my Facebook page. 

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