Shiatsu Event North Devon 

This event is coming up soon now –  I’m offering Shiatsu sessions for just £15 – normally they are £35 – the event is in North Devon – it’s an established fair with over 25 stalls – it’s on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April from 10am till 4pm – please spread the word & let people know if you think they might be interested – more details at North Devon Mind, Body, Soul Festival. You can book a Shiatsu session in advance here

Shiatsu, holidays & sunshine 

So officially I’m on holiday, as of yesterday, but in this world of technology & the need to keep an online presence here I am on my blog! Actually I enjoy blogging, I love looking at life through ‘Shiatsu-tinted’ glasses, taking daily lessons from it & trying to be more present to what is taking place around me.  

I have used Shiatsu on myself over the last couple of days, as I woke with a stiff neck a couple of morning’s ago, thanks to a restless & unsettled child sleeping in bed with me. Better to sleep in an awkward position than risk him waking again, one of the many delights of parenthood.  

I also regularly use the principles of stillness & breathing deeply into the abdomen, or hat a as Shiatsu calls it.  This school holiday has been good so far, plenty of sunshine so easy to get outside & give the kids lots of exercise. There haven’t been many meltdowns or stressful moments. There has been some bickering over who should have what & who has the best, whether that’s a toy, some food, or which of mummy’s hands is best to hold. At these moments I am often, not always, able to still myself, take a moment & then step back into the discussion. I hope this helps the kids to, allowing them to see a way to handle their own stress.

I really enjoy giving Shiatsu & will miss not giving treatments this week. I am looking forward to a week of family time, lots of fresh air & some quiet moments too hopefully! I hope it’s sunny where you are & that you have a good week, with fun, laughter & some quiet too! 

Shiatsu April offer

This month I am offering Shiatsu massage treatments for just £25 – normal price is £35 – if you book an appointment on a Wednesday afternoon. Each session is an hour long, with at least 40-45 minutes of Shiatsu massage. My quiet practice room is in Exwick, Exeter & is easy to get to by car, bus or train. I offer appointments on Wednesday evening’s & Saturday morning’s but the offer relates only to Wednesday afternoon’s. 

To find out more about me & my style of Shiatsu go to my Facebook page. You may also like to go to the Shiatsu Society website for more information on Shiatsu. I am always happy to talk Shiatsu so please feel free to get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page. 

Shiatsu news

A few bits & pieces going on at the moment for me, Shiatsu-wise.

As it’s the school Easter holidays I am having a week off Shiatsu next week. Back the week after Easter – the Wednesday is the 19th April 
Then the following weekend I’ll be at North Devon Mind, Body, Spirit Festival – giving Shiatsu massage for just £15

I’m also going to be offering Shiatsu at Exeter Respect Festival, with some colleagues. Again this will be low cost sessions, so as many people can try it out as possible.

There are other events coming up later in the year too, details later.

The other news is that I will be moving from my current practice room, as we are building a Shiatsu space in our garden. A lovely timber structure, warm, dry & quiet. I can’t give a date for this move, as these projects tend to take longer than you would hope. Watch this space though & I will update as we progress.

Lots of Shiatsu things to look forward to this year xx

Shiatsu Event, North Devon 

Another reminder that I will be giving nearly full length Shiatsu treatments for just £15 at the below event in a few weeks time. It is in beautiful North Devon & there are a lot of different people & businesses attending so should be really good. It’s on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April.

North Devon Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

You can  book a Shiatsu massage session in advance – find me on the above event page & follow the link to book. Look forward to seeing some of you there. 

Easter is coming – Shiatsu is having a break

Easter will be on us before we know it now. I found these Easter dudes in a charity shop today & decided I didn’t need to put them away for a week so they joined all the flowers I received for Mother’s Day on our mantel piece. It has been a tough school term for us, our first year of school & we are still building the stamina it takes for the whole family to make it through each term! I have decided to take a week’s holiday on the week running up to the Easter weekend. So no Shiatsu week commencing 10th April & back Tuesday 18th April. 

We are going to spend the week visiting family. So although I am not offering Shiatsu here in Exeter one of my family members will probably ask for a quick treatment – it’s so often the case. We are so well supported by our families it’s actually the least I can do.

If you would like to know more about Shiatsu or would like to book a massage before I go on holiday then get in touch through the contact me page.