Easter is coming – Shiatsu is having a break

Easter will be on us before we know it now. I found these Easter dudes in a charity shop today & decided I didn’t need to put them away for a week so they joined all the flowers I received for Mother’s Day on our mantel piece. It has been a tough school term for us, our first year of school & we are still building the stamina it takes for the whole family to make it through each term! I have decided to take a week’s holiday on the week running up to the Easter weekend. So no Shiatsu week commencing 10th April & back Tuesday 18th April. 

We are going to spend the week visiting family. So although I am not offering Shiatsu here in Exeter one of my family members will probably ask for a quick treatment – it’s so often the case. We are so well supported by our families it’s actually the least I can do.

If you would like to know more about Shiatsu or would like to book a massage before I go on holiday then get in touch through the contact me page. 

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