Saturday Shiatsu, Exeter, Devon

A lot of people really want to have a Shiatsu massage but struggle to find the time to book one. It’s such a busy work/ life culture that we live in.  We spend so much of our time at work, doing often demanding & challenging jobs. The rest of the time we seem to be rushing to get everything done & trying to enjoy ourselves & our loved ones. 

A lot of my Shiatsu massage appointments are in the day on week days but I do offer an early evening appointment on a Wednesday & also morning appointments on a Saturday. The Saturday appointments are early enough so it’s possible to still make the most of the day but not to early that you have to get up before you’re ready!

The clients I see on Saturday’s have often looked forward to their Shiatsu through the week  & feel its a real treat at the end of a busy week & a great way to start the weekend off. My practice room is quiet & calm & is in Exwick, on the north west side of Exeter. Its easy to get to. There is ample parking & it is walking distance from the railway station & it’s on a bus route. 

Have a look at my pages on this site, for more information about Shiatsu massage or me. There are also photos of what to expect. Please get in touch through the contact me page with any questions. 

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