Shiatsu, holidays & sunshine 

So officially I’m on holiday, as of yesterday, but in this world of technology & the need to keep an online presence here I am on my blog! Actually I enjoy blogging, I love looking at life through ‘Shiatsu-tinted’ glasses, taking daily lessons from it & trying to be more present to what is taking place around me.  

I have used Shiatsu on myself over the last couple of days, as I woke with a stiff neck a couple of morning’s ago, thanks to a restless & unsettled child sleeping in bed with me. Better to sleep in an awkward position than risk him waking again, one of the many delights of parenthood.  

I also regularly use the principles of stillness & breathing deeply into the abdomen, or hat a as Shiatsu calls it.  This school holiday has been good so far, plenty of sunshine so easy to get outside & give the kids lots of exercise. There haven’t been many meltdowns or stressful moments. There has been some bickering over who should have what & who has the best, whether that’s a toy, some food, or which of mummy’s hands is best to hold. At these moments I am often, not always, able to still myself, take a moment & then step back into the discussion. I hope this helps the kids to, allowing them to see a way to handle their own stress.

I really enjoy giving Shiatsu & will miss not giving treatments this week. I am looking forward to a week of family time, lots of fresh air & some quiet moments too hopefully! I hope it’s sunny where you are & that you have a good week, with fun, laughter & some quiet too! 

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