Shiatsu practice Exeter

I am feeling really happy today after giving an impromptu shiatsu treatment to a lovely pregnant Exeter lady.  I always feel lucky to work on a woman at such a special time.  The baby moved a lot as I gave the Shiatsu & then fell asleep along with the mum at the end of the treatment.  It was a shame to have to wake them, at least the mum!

Being a Shiatsu practitioner gives me an opportunity to work on so many different people & I feel so privileged.  Every Shiatsu is different, even with the same client & should meet the needs of the client at that time on that day.  The lady today felt relief from the strain the extra weight was putting on her body & she felt a stronger connection with her baby.  It was great to be able to do that for someone using Shiatsu.

If you want to know more about Shiatsu then please contact me – details on the contact me page – I practice in Exeter, Devon.

Shiatsu guinea pigs – Exeter, Devon

I am wanted to practice some Shiatsu techniques & am looking for people who may be interested in being guinea pigs for me to practice on.  I have some Shiatsu techniques that I haven’t used for a while & I would love to have some bodies to reacquainted myself with these movements.  So free Shiatsu treatments are available if you are in the Exeter area, or can make it over here, on a Wednesday morning or a Saturday morning. It is first come first served so pleease contact me if interested. The treatments will both meet the needs of the client as well as giving me the time to practice! 

Finding time for Shiatsu

Wow it seems that in Exeter, as everywhere else, people have lives that are non-stop & so, so busy. Such a demand is put on us, from so many angles, there is no time to recover & recuperate & review.  We seem to have got it the wrong way around! If we find peace & calm, space & rest then we have more resources & energy to make the most of our time, loves & lives. 

Shiatsu is an opportunity to step out of life for a short spell.  It can give you more energy & a sense of deep rest.  This in turn can give more clarity, focus & determination; to find space to stop, even for two minutes; to make the most of the experiences you encounter; to give a sense of direction, to help achieve what you want to achieve. 

As I have two small children I find it hard to find time to give Shiatsu!!!! I am aware that a lot of people in & around Exeter would love to have a Shiatsu treatment in the evening. At the moment I can’t offer Shiatsu at this time but as soon as I can I will do so.  In the meanwhile I do offer Shiatsu, in my practice in Exwick, Exeter, on every other Saturday morning.   I have a few people who relish these appointments, at the end of their working week. If you are interested in booking one of these appointments then do contact me.  Details are on my contact me page.

Here’s to a little peace & catch up time for us all! 

Shiatsu at Respect Exeter 

What an amazing, vibrant & exciting festival Respect Exeter is.  We are so lucky to have such a friendly & happy free festival in the city.  We managed to get there both yesterday & today & I finally managed to have a Shiatsu myself today! It was so lovely to lie & relax whilst someone else gave me nurture & support through touch.

I was jealous that there were people giving Shiatsu & at the moment I am not in the position to do a full day.  It was so great to see so much Shiatsu yesterday – a lot of the proceeds were going to Shelter Box for Nepal & I heard that a lot of money was raised for the cause.

It was great that Exeter people were able to get a Shiatsu treatment so cheaply & for such a great cause, I was so pleased that the beauty of Shiatsu was being promoted.  I just hope that I’m involved next time.  My two boys need too much of my time at the moment but as they get bigger I can get out there more often & for longer. I can’t wait.  As always I am looking forward to Respect Exeter next year & hopefully they’ll be lots of Shiatsu again.