Valentine’s Shiatsu Special – Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

Two weeks until Valentine’s day & I am offering 10% off any gift vouchers purchased between now & February 14th.

I offer nurturing & supportive Shiatsu & relaxing & pampering Natural Face Lift massage.

Shiatsu is a gentle but powerful hands-on therapy that help energy levels, aids sleep & relieves tension & stress.

Shiatsu is given on a futon mat on the floor & the treatment is given through clothes. It originates from Japan & works to balance the energy in the body.

Natural Face Lift massage is a pampering face, neck & shoulder massage. It can help tighten & smooth the skin of the face. It is also deeply relaxing for the whole body.

I work in Exwick, Exeter & in Dawlish on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays. I have evening appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays & I work some Saturdays.

Get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page with questions or to arrange vouchers.

Shiatsu Event – Exeter, Devon

Excited to be attending my first event of the year in just a couple of weeks time.  I’ll be offering Shiatsu taster sessions at the East Devon Mind, Body, Spirit event on Sunday February 18th.  The event is going to be held in Broadclyst, at the Victory Hall. The venue is near for Exeter folks & there is plenty of free parking.

If you have been reading my blog & wondering what Shiatsu is then a taster is a great way to find out what this hands-on therapy involves.  The tasters will only be £10 but 20 minutes long, plenty of time to get an idea of Shiatsu.

The Shiatsu tasters will be given on a massage chair, that supports your whole body, its relaxing & comfortable.  Normally Shiatsu is given on a futon mat on the floor but can be given on a couch or on a massage chair.  Shiatsu is always given through clothes.

Do come & say hello if you are in the area on the 18th.  If you are struggling to feel energized in this cold, wet weather then come & get a boost of energy with a Shiatsu taster.

Information about the event and the full list of exhibitors can be seen here




Happy weekend, Shiatsu & family – Exeter & Dawlish Devon

Yes we’ve made it to Friday. It’s felt like a long week personally so glad to have that Friday feeling now!

I still have work tomorrow but giving Shiatsu massage in the wooden cabin in the garden doesn’t feel like work. I don’t offer Shiatsu every Saturday but when I can I do. It feels special to give a treatment to someone at the end of their working week.

After work it’s serious family time, I miss my big boy, as he is at school all week. I love reconnecting with my husband at the weekend, we seem to hardly see each other in the week.

So bike rides will definitely be taking place, the boys favourite activity at present. Then my dad is visiting & that’s always fun – he is fondly called Grandad Canoe, yes he has a number of canoes!

If you work all week & would like to book a Shiatsu on a Saturday do get in touch. I also have late afternoon appointments on Wednesdays & some Mondays.

I hope you have a great weekend & enjoy whatever you do.


Shiatsu Support – Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

So very excited to receive a large parcel in the post today.

I was pretty upset when my trusty, but bottom of the range, massage chair broke just before Christmas. I was in the middle of a session of Shiatsus for the hard working staff at my son’s school. I had to give some of the Shiatsus to people whilst they sat on a normal chair. Hardly relaxing, having to support yourself, rather than leaning into a comfy chair.

Since the breakage I have been searching for a replacement. I was close to purchasing a replacement of similar quality to my original when I stumbled across a hardly used, top of the range chair.

I am super happy & have tried it out on my family already. It’s really comfy & easily adjusts to fit any shape or size of client.

So watch out for upcoming events as I will now be giving Shiatsu on this beauty of a chair.

My next event is in Broadclyst, near Exeter – details can be found here

Or have a look on my Facebook page for events & offers

Natural Shiatsu Face Lift Massage – Exeter, Devon

As we get near to the end of the January there are just a few spaces left for a Natural Face Lift massage for just £10.

I’m offering case studies until the end of the month then I’ll be charging the full price for the treatments.

These are great massages. They help the face look fresh & relaxed & they affect the whole body, relieving tension & stress.

The massage uses Shiatsu points along with Japanese & Indian face massage techniques.

The full price will be £25 for a mini-massage & £40 for an hour deluxe massage.

If you’d like to book a case study treatment before the end of January do get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page.

Shiatsu Event – Exeter, Devon

I’ll be at an event in Broadclyst, near Exeter, on Sunday 18th February. I’ll be offering taster sessions of Shiatsu massage. These affordable sessions are a great way to get a feel of what a Shiatsu involves.

This event is being organised by the East Devon Mind, Body, Spirit Network. I have attended their events before & they are always full of stalls to browse & therapists offering tasters.

Information on the event can be found here

If you’d like more information on Shiatsu you can look at the pages on this site or head to the Shiatsu Society website

Shiatsu & self support – Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

-What do you do to support yourself? & Do you do enough?

Generally the answers to these questions are – not really & no not enough.  I would be interested to hear what you do to support yourself, daily routines or practices that you find support you.

Since doing my Shiatsu massage training I have started a number of routines of self support that I find help me in my daily life.

  • I stretch – within Chinese Medicine stretching can be really useful for some people – this includes me. I find I can think more clearly after a good stretch – be it yoga or warm-up stretches or just stretching whilst I’m cooking or walking. I feel more relaxed & my mind slows down.
  • I breathe deeply – the abdominal area of the body is called the Hara in Shiatsu & this is an area we should embody as much as we can. It is an area associated with instinct & intuition, rather than being in our heads all the time & getting caught up in our thoughts.
  • I rest – The kidneys & Bladder in Chinese Medicine are the energies that keep us going, they are our core energy.  If we use to much of this energy we struggle to push through & get things done. The kidneys & bladder appreciate rest, quiet, reflection & meditation.

I use Shiatsu daily to support myself & my family. I may hold a pressure point if I have a headache or one of my children is distressed. I may stretch a particular meridian (line of energy) to help if I have an ache or I am tense.

I also look for support from other people. I have Shiatsu myself, or other treatments, as often as I can. Sometimes we need perspective & some support to help us keep going or to move on with something.

Shiatsu can be a great supportive therapy. It can hold a safe, supportive space. It can be great if you are a carer or have a stressful job, if there are big changes taking place in your life or if you feel stuck in a rut & want to begin to make changes.

Do leave a comment about what self support practices you have or get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page if you think Shiatsu might be able to support you.




Sunshine & Shiatsu – Exeter, Devon

What a lovely morning today, here in Exeter (shame about the really rotten, wet, windy & cold afternoon.)

The sun shone down on the wooden cabin & streamed in through the windows.

The birds came out & enjoyed themselves, just outside the shed window. They were chirping & twittering, eating the seeds we had put out for them & hopping around to get the ones that had dropped to the floor.

It was a really joy giving treatments this morning. The shed was warm & cosy & listening to the birds was perfect.

I gave Natural Face Lift massages today, & again I was impressed with the change in the clients faces after the treatment.

I enjoy giving these massages, I always slip some Shiatsu into the treatment. The points used on the face are Shiatsu points & also I get a sense of the whole body when just working the head, neck & shoulders.

What a pleasure giving such relaxing & nurturing treatments in such a perfect atmosphere. I definitely felt lucky that I do what I do!


Fancy giving Shiatsu a try? Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

I was invited to speak at a local Fibromyalgia group, to talk about Shiatsu & it’s benefits. I had a great time & it became as much a discussion as a talk. 

However it reminded me that Shiatsu can be quiet hard to describe – I found myself saying regularly that its a good idea to try Shiatsu rather than only talking about it – I gave tasters at the end of the talk & they were well received. 

I am at an event near Exeter next month & will be offering Shiatsu tasters for £10. Tasters are a great way to get an idea of what Shiatsu massage is. 

Details of the event can be found here