A Productive Day 

No Shiatsu related business took place today, however it has been a joy-filled, productive day, although on the surface of it not much happened! The day was helped, quite a lot, by the most glorious weather. Everything’s easier when there is a  clear sky & the warm sun. 

It’s the Easter holidays so both boys woke happy & energetic this morning. We went out early & bought two Venus Fly Trap’s, as my eldest had read about them & has waited over the winter to get one. The plants are domant until the warmer weather, hence the delay. Of course the youngest had to have one to. There was then a discussion about how to make sure we knew which plant belonged to which boy. Pots were purchased & decorated & by 10am the plants were in place, waiting for a fly or two.

The boys then seemed content in the garden so I began digging a flower bed, we are havjng a Shiatsu shed built so lots of plants need to be moved. I thought I would be rushing this job at the last minute, almost whilst the shed was being delivered!  Actually the boys being content gave me space to do this essential job, & gain enjoyment from doing it. 

Lunch was a lazy, snacky affair, often the best type of meals. The boys ate the good stuff & had a bit of sweet stuff in reward. This brought us to the subject of Easter eggs & how long it was until Easter & said chocolate eggs.  I love decorating for Christmas & Easter & Birthdays & I realised this hadn’t happened yet. After lunch we all tidied up, out came the decs & up they went.

In one day Easter arrived & a whole new flower bed was dug, composted & planted. A good day’s work, & acheived with ease. We have been so busy this last few days & a quiet, home day, gave us rest & allowed us to settle a bit. The boy’s didn’t even ask to go out & I enjoyed them pottering & playing contentedly. It reminded me that quiet days & rest are important, also taking care of your environment can feel satisfying & cleansing. We start a run of busy days again tomorrow but I reckon we will cope well thanks to our rest. 

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