Small things 

It’s the first day of the Easter holidays, down here in Exeter, Devon. We took our sons to a wood, which had an Easter trail to follow. There was no prize but stamps as we wentcto punch hipoles in their trail guides.We had a great time & I was reminded of the joy you can get from small things. Our boys walked slowly, they chatted to us about whatever they wanted. They enjoyed the gorse flower smell, like coconut, they sat quietly in the bird hides for long periods. They loved finding the stamps in the trail & the muddy puddles to splash in & the stoney slopes to run down. 

I watched them sauntering & winding their way, stopping whenever they fancied, enjoying the beauty & nature of the woods around them. They just seemed happy & relaxed. It helped me be in the moment too, to take in the fresh air, to watch the birds, to listen to the noises of the woods. There is so much to be said about making the most of the small stuff, being in the moment . Also enjoying nature & the natural world. It was a special family day, even though it was just a trip to the woods. I’m hoping there is a lot more to come this holiday.

Shiatsu massage can bring you back into yourself, it can slow you down & help you reconnect to where you are & what is important to you. If you are interested in finding out more then do get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page. 

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