Shiatsu on a Tuesday Anyone? Exeter, Devon 

Well my official start offering Shiatsu massage on a Tuesday hasn’t started off so well – I’ve had a cancellation this week, my first Tuesday appointment! On a more positive note I am now able to offer two appointments on a Tuesday, with the aim of building up to a full day of appointments. So I have two spaces this week if anyone fancies a Shiatsu with me! 

I feel positive about working more days & I’m sure I will begin to book up. It is a strange thing, starting a new business or expanding a business. I remember, when I first started, sitting wondering where my clients would come from. They did come, from various different forms of promotion, & so I feel a little more confident this time! 

You don’t get anywhere not doing anything though do you, it’s better to act than not, so here’s to new ventures & adventures. 

I love Shiatsu, & yes I’m looking to make a living from it, but my primary motivation when looking for new clients isn’t to get money it is to help support them with Shiatsu. It is a form of therapy that is suitable for all & can really help with a whole load of complaints, concerns or issues.  It is so versatile, supporting on a physical, mental, emotional & mental level. I want to help support people using Shiatsu, I can see that Shiatsu may well help them & I would like them to try it! 

There isn’t really a culture in this country of looking after ourselves. Often we don’t have the money to spare to have hands-on therapies. Sometimes there isn’t the confidence that complementary medicine may help.  I have met a number of clients who have recognised the importance of hands-on therapy, often they are older, & Shiatsu has helped them keep fit & well, or manage chronic pain.  It doesn’t have to be Shiatsu, some people instantly fall in love with this form of therapy & others can take it or leave it. Different people enjoy & benefit from different therapies, it’s good to find one that suits & use it support yourself. 

Hopefully, in a few weeks time, I will be blogging about lots of new Shiatsu massage clients who come & see me on a Tuesday, to support themselves in their lives , who love Shiatsu & who benefit from it.

In the meantime if there’s something you are umming & ahhing about why don’t you go ahead & put yourself out there, what’s the worst that could happen? I’m not trying to be clever or preachy, or patronising, I have been so reticent about promoting myself so I’m just trying to support others. Someone said something similar to me, & it really helped. 

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