Shiatsu Massage for back pain – Exeter, Devon

One of the main reasons that people seek out Shiatsu is that they have back pain. It can have been caused by any number of reasons, accidents or injuries in the past, physical work, excess driving or sitting. Whatever the reason in can be painful & debilitating. 

Shiatsu, I have found, can be very successful with supporting & relieving back pain. It can be given with the client in a variety of positions, depending on the clients flexibility. Sometimes back pain can make it difficult to lie down, Shiatsu can be given in a seated position. If it is possible to lie down then the client can lie on their side, front or back & the back can be worked on in any of these positions. 

Shiatsu can feel satisfying when it is given, there can be a ‘that’s the spot’ moment & this is often the case with back pain. It is possible to support back issues at home, with stretches, heat & cold packs for instance, it is not always as satisfying as it could be. A Shiatsu massage can really get in there, release tension & support weakness. 

I have been able to help clients with various back issues, in all areas of the back. Commonly the lumbar region is the area affected, but clients have also had pain in the middle & top regions, often shoulders & neck have been affected too.  In most cases it has taken a few treatments to see a real change in the condition but often some relief has been seen after just one treatment.  

If you want to discuss if Shiatsu may help you then do get in touch, through the ‘contact me’ page. 

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