Shiatsu, Sunday’s & Mother’s Day

Well it’s been a special day today, the weather has been warm & sunny & we have celebrated Mother’s Day with my mum. This might not seem like anything out of the ordinary but this is the first year without my granny. She died last summer & although she was missed at Christmas it felt especially obvious that she is no longer around today. Granny somewhat dominated Mother’s Day, she insisted on presents & her two daughters spending the day with her. This is understandable but did mean my mum & aunty struggled to spend time with their own children on Mothering Sunday. 

So today I made a pastry pie, my mum’s favourite & we spoilt her. My aunty also enjoyed a day with her children. We toasted granny & mothers & carers the we know or have known. It was important to us to remember the line of women we have each come from & also to acknowledge that you don’t have to be a mother or even a woman to hold the role of ‘mother.’ We had a moment of quietness to remember those people who weren’t with us, mother’s or whoever. 

Mum was so happy basking in the warmth of the family, my sons love her & it’s so lovely to watch their relationship. Later in the afternoon I gave mum a short Shiatsu massage. This is such a special thing to be able to do for her. She loves it & I know it is not only nurturing but relaxing as well. A moment where I can support her. All in all a lovely day. I am so lucky to have a supportive & understanding mum & to be able to do just a little for her, pie & Shiatsu, meant a lot. 

I have a Facebook page that you maybe interested in liking. I have events & offers that I advertise there. If you want to get in touch then please do through the ‘contact me’ page. I am always happy to talk Shiatsu. I work in Exwick, Exeter, Devon in a lovely calm & quiet practice room. 

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