Shiatsu for tiredness & sleep, Exeter, Devon

We have busy lives, try to pack in an awful lot, most of us are pretty tired a lot of the time. On top of that poor sleep or no sleep can heavily affect daily life, making it hard to function & achieve what needs to be achieved. It can affect a person’s mental state, causing depression, anxiety. It can affect self-worth & confidence & personal relationships.

I have had clients who suffer from general tiredness & low energy. I have had clients who suffer with insomnia or sleep difficulties. Shiatsu can help settle the body, when it is in a state of distress. It is very relaxing & calming, it can take the client to a peaceful place. Shiatsu massage can re-energize & invigorate a client, giving them more energy & strength. Shiatsu works to rebalance the energy within the body & with this rebalancing can come relief from fatigue or tiredness. Sleep patterns may return back to more normal patterns.

Some clients have expressed that they have found they haven’t had to push themselves to do things, they have had the energy, after Shiatsu massage, to just get on & do it. They have said they have more flow & fluidity, in their bodies, but also with their thoughts & emotions. 

Because Shiatsu is a gentle, but powerful, form of massage it often works well for people who struggle with sleep. It can help to remind the body of how it should feel at night. Again clients have said they have been able to relax into sleep without working hard to do so.

I work in Exwick, Exeter, Devon. It’s a lovely, quiet practice room. There is on street parking & it’s easily accessible by bus & train as well.

Thanks for reading & hope you all sleep well tonight.

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