Shiatsu Massage for Injuries, Exeter, Devon 

Shiatsu can be really good for supporting injuries, from accidents, falls, car accidents for Instance. Shiatsu is a form of massage therapy that has many different techniques, allowing the injury to be treated in a lot of different ways. It is possible to treat directly on the injury, with gentle general or specific pressure. When this is not appropriate work can be done either side of the injury, bringing focus, energy & healing through the injury. Similarly distal work can be used, points relating to but a way away from the affected area can be worked.

If an injury has been sustained it is good to have Shiatsu massage as soon as possible afterwards. The quicker the injury is worked on the more likely it is to be eased. As time passes injuries become chronic & then it can take longer to see results. It is totally possible to work on chronic issues & our bodies hold a physical memory of what has happened to us I  our lives. 

I have had clients who have come for Shiatsu massage as they have injuries sustained by a fall. I have had clients come for a frozen shoulder, due to strenuous work. Clients have injuries to their backs, due to the type of work they do. I have used different techniques to support these clients & have seen positive results.

If you are interested in knowing more then do get in touch through the contact me page.

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