Shiatsu for Stress – Exeter, Devon 

Because Shiatsu is a gentle but powerful form of massage it can be really helpful in supporting people suffering with stress & stress related conditions. I have had clients come for Shiatsu massage because something has happend at work that has completely knocked them. Clients have come because they are suffering from stress due to a relationship they are in, or a pattern of relationships. They have come for Shiatsu because their relationship is breaking down or has broken down.  

Shiatsu treatments start with a consultation in which the client can voice their reasons for coming & the concerns they are feeling in their life.  This is a safe & confidential space, as is the whole treatment, & the client may already begin to feel a sense of ease & relief. Some clients chose to say little in the consultation & this is completely fine. 

Shiatsu touch is safe & supportive. It can put the body at ease & the mind will follow. Shiatsu massage gives space to the client to feel how they really are, whilst being held.  Our bodies hold our emotions & stresses, so physical touch can find those places of tension & strain & help to release & relieve them. Sometimes there is a release of emotion at this point & the client may cry or laugh or breathe deeply in then out. 

After a treatment clients have noted their sense of relaxation & relief. They have also noted where their stress being held & some recommendations can be given on exercises or lifestyle changes that may help keep the area loose. Clients have also mentioned that Shiatsu has given them a sense of ease or a sense of flow. Things happen for them more easily, rather than pushing to acheive things. 

It is possible to see a noticeable change to stress levels after just one Shiatsu massage. Often it takes 2 or 3 sessions to see more of a change. Clients have felt a sense of relief from their stress after treatments, but only for a period of time. After each Shiatsu treatment the sense of relief is longer. It is desirable to have the sessions as close to each other as possible, weekly or fortnightly. As the course of Shiatsu treatments goes on the sessions can spread to further apart. 

If you are suffering from stress than do feel free to get in tiuch through the ‘contact me’ page. A Shiatsu treatment costs £30 or £35 depending on what you feel you can afford. The sessions are one hour long. 

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