Shiatsu & balance

Right now I am sat in a darkened room, whilst my young son sleeps.  He is ill, with some cold, cough, high temperature combo & has a level of distress when he wakes. So here I am waiting incase he needs comfort. This is, at least, giving me some time to be still & think. 

Like most people I seem to be constantly on the go, rushing around trying to complete a list of ‘highly important’ tasks. Don’t tell anyone but actually this enforced stillness is quite enjoyable. A moment out of routine & some stillness. Obvious I I have filled some of the time writing a blog! 

This time has helped me remember to stop when possible, to rest & to enjoy quiet. It’ll be over too soon anyhow. Children make a sudden recovery often, leaving you to catch up as they get up to full speed in a matter of minutes it seems.

Balance is so important, rest gives us the energy to be active. Busy lives should allow us to enjoy & make the  most of rest. Shiatsu massage can help our bodies succumb to deep rest & also energize us for our daily lives. If you are interested in finding out more then get in touch through the contact me page. I am always happy to discuss Shiatsu. 

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