Shiatsu for well-being – Exeter, Devon

I have lots of clients who have come for a particular complaint, they’ve had an accident or sustained an injury for instance. Shiatsu can be great at relieving symptoms such as pain or discomfort. 

I also have clients come for Shiatsu massage for their well-being. They are really good at looking after themselves, they have a healthy lifestyle, they exercise & eat well. They often practice yoga or qigong or meditate. They are looking for some outside support, they can do a certain amount themselves but they know when they need a little extra outside support.

Shiatsu is great for an energy boost. It works to re-balance the energy in the body, this re-invigorates & re-energizes the client. Shiatsu massage can give a sense of flow & fluidity in the body, things that felt difficult to acheive before a massage can happen with ease afterwards. 

A Shiatsu is a relaxing experience. It is time out, a chance to just lie & rest. Shiatsu is enjoyable, it is gentle but can be strong when a client suits it.  It can release shoulder & neck tension.  It can make the body feel stretched & loose. It reminds the body of how it should feel! There is at least 40-45 minutes hands-on massage in a treatment so plenty of time to breathe, rest & just be.

I work in a quiet treatment room in Exwick, Exeter. It’s easy to get to me by car, bus or train. I work Wednesday’s & Saturday mornings. I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu so any questions get in touch, through the ‘contact me’ page.

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